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  1. As narang said, you should check the condition of your timing belt after 50.000 miles. But, you should definitely check it even before this mielage in case you drive your car "aggressively" (which is not a surprise when you have such a pwerful car).
  2. I have an 08 nissan sentra special edition. Whenever I try to start the engine it always turns then won't start. It usually takes one of two turns of the key to get it started.This doesn't happen only when I first crank it up in the morning and after I get gas. Any ideas?
  3. Mazda 6 all the way. I think that this model has superior features compared to Altima and that the engine provides better performance too. Of course, if the price is similar or same I would choose Mazda 6.
  4. Does this shop still work because I need similar "intervention" in my own car. It would be nice to use a local mechanic that knows his job.
  5. ihabb


    Maybe the level of freon inside the A/C is low and it cannot reach the right side of your car. In addition, check the itnerior and see if anything is stuck in the hoses.
  6. As far as I know the level of oil consumption is normal. You won't have to change the oil more than ocne a year if you have a "normal" mileage.
  7. I just want to know how reliable a Mazda MX-5 is, and what to watch out for. Also if there are some common problem I might encounter with a Mazda MX-5, Thank you in advance.
  8. Have you recently changes the light bulbs? If this is the case then the rubbers around the headlights is not put in place in the right way and this is what causes the moisture to stay inside them.
  9. You can patch the holes but it is recommended to change the entire cluster. This intervention is not difficult or costly.
  10. That;s interesting occurence. Thanks for sharing your houghts guys. oh and btw, when do you usually change gears? At what RPM?
  11. I'll be honest, I leave all the difficult and complex tasks to true professionals. I can change tires, I can change some filters and fluids and that's it:)
  12. If you are trying to reduce the chance of leaking you should know that this is impossible. The fluid usually leaks when some parts are loosen. The best tip is to check this fluid whenever you visit the mechanic.
  13. Despite the fact that Polo is more expensive (slightly) I would recommend choosing VW Polo. I've got amny friends that complain from Seat ibiza and I've never heard someone complaining about VW Polo.
  14. I would stick to the good old Land Rover Defender. They are really powerful and they are exellent for any type of terrain including dunes in UAE.
  15. if you have problems when you are starting your car this may be a sign that you will soon have to replace your battery with a new one. You can also visit the nearest garage and they will measure the power in your battery.
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