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  1. looking for some good life insurance company in UAE, google few times and nothing good came up where I can calculate the stuff. Appreciate if someone has some information here. Thanks fellas.
  2. Did you mean 575 or was it a typo. 575-350 = 225 additional km per tank. How it's possible with just drop-in filter, you can't get that with unichip modification even. Why your speedo is showing difference, do you have different tire size than stock?
  3. Hello Manu, welcome here and wish you good luck with your license. Once you get it, never forget how hard it was to get it and always respect car, road, other drivers and your life.
  4. Just seen the color in youtube out of curiosity and now I know why you are after it, totally worth it.
  5. So you mean the charity here have local reservation and not open to all needies equally..?
  6. Ford Taurus and Ecoboost, Hyundai Sonata and Sportage, Suzuki Grand Vitara are some good bet to consider for whatever your likes are.
  7. Just spotted this here: https://carnity.com/business_listing/car-care-services/modifications-upholstery/ Call them and see who have ready made car seat cover for your year of Land Cruiser, saves time.
  8. You can get readymade seat covers in Satwa, Al quoz, Deira - Hyatt area and Naif, Sharjah behind city center area.
  9. It's very selective opinion. I remember when Toyota changed shaped of its cruiser in 2008, everyone was jumping up and down that no one will ever buy Land Cruiser and people will switch to Patrol and then within 6 months roads were flooded again with Land Cruiser with swollen eyes. As that's the time people took to swallow the pathetic design and that shape started to grow on them. Same happen in 2009 with Nissan Patrol new shape that when people started comparing it's enormous size to Toyota Hiace 14 seater bus, and again in 6 months road were flooded with hulk size Patrol.
  10. Just read this shocking news that in Sharjah alone more than 1200 motorists clocked above 200 km/h speed in 9 months, so imagine this count for all UAE must be more than 10,000 at least a year. Fining 2000 AED, or giving black points is meaningless if someone life is gone because of these adrenaline junkies. The top most street legal speed in UAE is 120-140 km/h: So how about all car comes with speed governor (limiter) installed and set at 160 km/h by default. Speed governor should be installed in all drivers under the age of 25 years. Speed governor should be installed after the first high speed radar violation recorded. Speed governor installing will get 50% discount on insurance or vice versa (pay more if no governor). If you like to drive at high speed in autodrome or yas circuit then get cops permission to disable governor for that one day and enjoy your car at high speed w/o risking the other people lives. What other options you guys think will discourage such abuse of public roads in UAE......? Source: http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/crime/motorist-caught-speeding-at-230km-h-in-sharjah-1.1913009
  11. I have an RTA Fines issue that my driver has received a fine from RTA saying for smuggling people and all he ever do is pick me up and drop me from office and then my kids and sometime my wife. We are the owner of that car then why it is showing the smuggling reference. What can I do now and how I can challenge this? Please help.
  12. Well this is the true reflection of the real world fierce competition as they are competing head to head in real world with almost 99% identical specs, performance and pricing: Audi A3 Vs Mini Clubman.
  13. Do the math with 50K - 3 year old car and whole math will change as that's what you get in Dubai taxi's - 3 year old, 400000 kms camry that was worth 70 when new and now not even 17K. I agree to the comfort of not driving and fight in traffic, but I do't agree to compare my car with taxiiiiiiiiiii. That's not far.
  14. Man keep it 30% and you will be safe, don't listen to rule-breakers. For second question I am also curious to know the answer.
  15. We have an aging Mercedes G-Wagon, we are having trouble finding car parts for it in UAE in particular a new Brake Master Cylinder. I don't want to use the internet to make order from abroad because it is too expensive and I don't know if it is reliable. ANy advice?
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