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  1. This can also happen due to faulty alternator (dynamo) that is over charging the battery, so it's worth getting it checked.
  2. body and shape remain unchanged being such a huge change in engine and performance dept (not fair). Looking fwd to seeing these hitting dubai dunes and making some new history.
  3. Very funny but very nice and useful trick.
  4. My first choice will be Mercedes ML350 and then Touareg, because these are the two reliable and dependable German marvel. Let's not talk about Japanese tin can for safety and engineering.
  5. My Mercedes C180 kompressor having some starting difficulty occasionally as it starts in first click and dies within seconds. Got the battery checked last night and it seems fine, can anyone help what next to check here. thanks.
  6. I tried to be courageous once to use metro and google map showed me 1h 50 minute journey that takes me 15 minutes by car. Thank you very much Mr. Metro. I don't mind paying double the fuel price and will not use unless it's more reachable and sensible.
  7. Seems good move, is it only for colleagues working together and living close-by or it's for neighbors who work in and around same area.....?
  8. Chevy's are very great cars within an affordable budget, I have used and my Chevy has survived within all the good and bad times together. It's really dependable car with an American image. I agree it's not truly like Japanese or able to compete with those but it's very close to fraction of money you spend buying and maintaining it.
  9. If the driver door sill has a sticker (usually metallic sticker) containing vehicle info and has Arabic written on it then it means it is GCC specs as it reads in arabic Saudi Arabia and UAE. Hope it helps.
  10. You may check the engine mounting as at that kms in some case engine mount fails due to frequent quick acceleration. Worth getting it checked, as if engine mount fails then jerk is only there in 1 gear from 0km and once car is moving gear shift is smooth.
  11. Ramadan Kareem to all of you. Off-lately my wife accord started showing some jerk when accelerating from zero. If car is moving and I push hard for more acceleration then there is no issue. Car has been regularly serviced outside agency as it has 120,000 + kms on the clock. Check the records and found out that the gear oil has been changed 6 months back at major service at 105,000 kms with dynatrade in Ras Al Khor. Due to ramadan tight schedule it's tough to step out of office and do the diagnostic so better ask here as a first step and see if someone can point in right direction. Thanks in advance guys.
  12. I will also vote for dobinson, used it myself and was very happy with the result and overall firmness until I sold it. Go for it mate.
  13. Thanks timmyjt, for sharing your wonderful experience report. I am so attracted to S class comfy and grace that I always wanted to buy one but get scared with mix opinions. In my case I will be buying slightly used model like 2-3 years used maximum, so that I get the half price of actual cost and then drive for 2-3 years. I appreciate your advise for service contract and will definitely take extra caution while browsing cars in market. Thanks.
  14. I've found a good Land Rover LR4 from 2010, but many people say that the maintenance cost for this vehicle is very high. Is this true? Can someone confirm this?
  15. Since this part of the vehicle consists of many elements it can be any of these elements that is causing a problem. The good news is that they are not very expensive.
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