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  1. It's an addiction to keep on reading about the car secrets and never have enough wisdom - minus the trolls and egoistic characters
  2. Have you got the correct AMP battery, as I had similar 4WD light in Mercedes on weak battery and if the battery is wrong AMP especially lesser AMP then also you might get this warning light
  3. how do you know, that @Barry specialize in filling carbonized petrol in Bentley fuel filter?
  4. offroading term and SUV is two highly misunderstood term here from Audi Q3, BMW X3 is also SUV and LC and Patrols are also SUV. Good explanation, but no one care reading and understanding one unless they break their cars by themselves.
  5. Hmm, that's something very interesting I never thought of. Expensive car means expensive dings.....make sense
  6. I have almost always noticed that rich guys driving cayenne, range rover or Merc intentionally don't park properly to show how insignificant these white lines are and always step on them or cross onto another parking. Do you guys agree too?
  7. Pioneer and Kenwood they both make good mid-range (price) but very nice speakers, go with the one that has super bass as they come with small woofeer in built and they are slightly expensive like 300-400 dhs for a pair. If you can't stick this in your door then you can install them in the rear windown for sure. If you install 4 of these then I am sure you don't really require sub-woofer in small car (assuming).
  8. Every time I visit new service center they make me convince of their engine oil is the best engine oil in UAE. I know this is never ending and never satisfying question, but I still like to ask which is the best engine oil brand in UAE available for cars for extreme hot and dusty weather condition. If anyone can rate these brands in their superiority order then it will be nice to know: Total vs Mobil 1 Vs Shell Vs Castrol
  9. This is indeed, nice piece of info but I am sure only limited to older models only as in newer ones they make sure for clearing any fault light or service light you have to get the car plugged in dealers computer system.
  10. You can also use Prestone black one (35 AED/Gallon), than Yellow one (25 AED/Gallon). Prestone is really really good and I have always used them in all my cars. I have never ever used any of the fuel station locally made coolant. Second best is AC Delco and Havoline (original ones). Hope it helps.
  11. sidhan

    Al Futtaim Automall

    Al futtaim automall, are very good toyota used car dealer when you can be sure taht car is genuinely clean to put your family inside. I wouldn't buy used car from a stranger, but from such authorized used car dealer I am sure that they have done checks and verified all details. @bean you get what you pay for. PERIOD. Paying 10-20% extra is better than wasting 80-90% of your investment.
  12. sidhan


    Saaed accident report is enough for insurance to make a claim. I had similar incident last year and RSA didn't bother me for any cops report. BTW Saaed is in place by order of federal police, so no additional police report is required if both parties agrees to it. If any one party raise an objection on saaed accident report then both parties need to visit police station and get police paper.
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