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  1. Can I replace the camshaft on my own in HR-V which is 2007 model? Please tell me tips on how to do that.
  2. BTW, after the tram came into action, the cost of traveling in a metro is gone high. So the darker side is other transport cost is gone high.
  3. Hey people. Please help me knowing how to check if the tires of the car are aligned properly or not?
  4. What are the main reasons for fuel injection problem in a car? Can anyone help me with this?
  5. Well, car is nothing but a machine. So off course some parts in a machine need to get replaced in some regular time interval. I know some parts that need regular care and they need to be replaced effectively. Brake pads: Because we have bought a car, we will off course drive it in a long course. As we drive the car, the brake pads are in regular progressive work. A time comes when the brake pads get ruined and you need to replace it. Disc clutch: If you are driving a manual car, then the clutch disc is always under pressure with constant or increase in the speed. So they tend to wear soon.
  6. You know this is not the first time m hearing something weird about Infiniti delaers in Dubai. But i dont understand why they do that. Its really disappointing sometimes.
  7. Oil viscosity is also main factor in oil leak. One should know what is the viscosity of the oil they are using in their car engine. The suited viscosity of the oil is always mentioned in your car manual, SO always maintain that. Dont put such oil in your car whose viscosity doesnt match with your car engine.
  8. Hey people. I can reading a blog on braking system. It was an interesting topic, but there was one thing I couldnt differentiate. So please help me answering that: What is the difference between brake drum and brake disc? And how do we know which of these is best suited for our car?
  9. First thing, the mileage of the car. Second, make sure the car was never involved in an accident. Third, check the insurance history of the car. Fourth, the year of manufacturing shall not be more than 5-6 years; otherwise you may end up paying for the maintenance of the car every time.
  10. Can anyone tell me when the catalytic converter is replaced in Prado? I have Prado, 2009 model and I could see the smoke coming out when starting up. Took it to the dealer, and they are saying that they need to replace the catalytic converter. They told me this by an email. Then I asked them you explain me when to replace the catalytic converter. If I am satisfied, I will give you a green signal to do so. But no response yet. If somebody knows about this, please help me. Can anyone tell me when the catalytic converter is replaced in Prado? I have Prado, 2009 model and I could see the smoke com
  11. The wheel bearing in my car seems to be failed. And I really have no time to go to the dealer to fix it. Is it ok if I drive my car with such an issue, or do I need to take it to the dealer first?
  12. I recently bought this car. I want to know in what intervals should one do oil service of the car? I want to maintain my car properly and thus I want all type of services to be done at a proper timing. Please reply.
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