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  1. While discussing car color today, just now friend said that black color take a lot of extra fuel to keep car cool in in UAE compare to same model in white colr. Is it true guys?
  2. I know that more teh cc the powerful the car gets but in really a technical language what does cc really mean? If car is 2.5 liter engine, then does that mean it can sip 2.5 liters per km or 2.5 liter goes in one shot, then how come 60-80 liter tank deliver over 400 km drive time. What does this cubc capacity really refers to?
  3. Really.....! how come.....? will convince my bf and hope to join you guys soon
  4. Hi guys, wondering how much these drive costs for enrolling 2 of us in one car?
  5. Thanks guys, for wonderful advises and now I know I should better stick to Toyota or Nissan and even on shoestring budget I can go with older model than getting greedy for newer model with worst brand. Once again thank you all.
  6. Well hawx, not everyone is as fortunate as you are to own what your heart desire. I agree used car cost less depreciation, but my question was looking for even lesser depreciation among all used cars in UAE.
  7. This is so awesome, kids these are way too lucky and privileged to be spoil with these great fun.
  8. After losing so big money on car on previous occasion, wanted to ask you all expert which is the best resale value car in UAE? Every time I keep hearing that market is bad, your vehicle is bad, your car brand has no resale value but when I buy I pay the sky price. So I wanted to educate myself for my next deal. Thanks in advance.
  9. This is gross, how abruptly he changed the topic that taxi driver and commercial driver will be harmed from such total autonomous move. Whatever it is, it is very freaking and challenging for them to develop and market such stuff.
  10. That's very sad to read. Guys carry all juicy fruits when you go to desert next. I have been there once only with safari tour.
  11. What's wrong in naming and shaming, atleast with the fear of public insult people will respect life as technician said rightfully that nicest people turn their evil side behind the wheels these days. Totally agree on this.
  12. So are they trying to tell don't go shopping or buy your own car. In both cases taxi's will be at loss.
  13. You did not understand Danny request, if authorities read this thread they might get an idea to link fine amount with certain percentage of your salary. So spending 600 with a salary of 20,000 doesnt hurt much but 10% of 20k is means you will be paying 2000 for one flash. Ouch.
  14. Some of the best car memes I found. Damn hilarious.
  15. This look like some serious cost saving fuel tips. I have been loading what not in my car boot from 3 months and now co-relate that it could be the reason for little extra fuel cost I am spending. Will clean the boot right away. Thanks folks, for opening my eyes.
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