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  1. My 2 cents worth....if it were me ..it would be Lexus GX. You get the best of both wrolds ...legendary Japanese reliability and better resale...and of course being a Lexus ...its great. Depends on what you want in the end... Spend less, reliable , resale ..good average ride. - Prado Spend some more, reliable, a great looking head turning ride with all sorts of features Jeep....don't know much ..I have test driven it ... it's definitely a great ride...but resale is bad..so it's not for me. You really have to love the ride to want it. Nothing wrong with it. I choose the GX because it's a great mix. Good luck
  2. The Prado looks like a great option.. Thanks
  3. So Thanks @Gaurav @Rahimdad @Abdullah Ghafar for your advice. So from the looks of it, it doesn't look like an economical long term purchase. Its an 8 speed automatic and its got the municipality sticker too stating that it is high mileage. This is definitely one of the few SUV with this kind of mileage, but then its not meant for off road and probably not so good off road. Any other suggestions on a good mileage SUV, which I can economically keep for 7-10 years at least. I prefer SUV because theres a lot of highway driving and it so much comfortable to drive at a elevated seating, less tiring and occasionally I park it at sandy sites. I love the Land Cruiser and the Nissan Patrol....but they are gas guzzlers? and it doesnt help if I drive almost 500kms a day..fuel costs add to up a lot. I know LC and NP will live for 10 hours plus and no issues. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi there, I am seriously considering getting a Dodge Durango, havent decided on the trim or the v6 vs v8. Here are my reasons : Great Price with the current offers and low monthly installment Excellent mileage for an SUV ..almost 17+ kms per liter. Great looking vehicle Good enough SUV and I prefer SUVs. Anybody driven this for more than 5 years? I am worried about maintenance beyond the warranty period as I plan to keep it at least for 8 years or more. Any other comments / tips?
  5. Hey @Rahimdad, yes I was looking at the dodge Durango and the prices have come down a lot. Used to be 160k, and with all the offers, a friend of mine picked one up for 120K. So I was thinking with all the savings on fuel, this is a great deal.i only am not sure of how reliable it is after the warranty period of 5 years. My Pajero is extremely reliable and it's my 11th year. I only wish it was more fuel friendly.
  6. The GS8 has so many features at such a great price which is hard to ignore, but then as @Barry said we will have to watch and see how they fare in the long run. Are they reliable enough for daily long commuting or just city runs. I act checked the mileage stated on the municipality sticker which was excellent @Rahimdad . It's a 2.0 turbo charged and had enough acceleration for a vehicle that I am considering to use for daily long drives. I test drove a gs 8 the other day. Features were endless. Quality only time will tell. 5 years warranty and other offers. Going back to what @Fredericand @Gaurav said.. Japanese reliability is proven and you don't have to worry about anything and it will just keep going. I'm only interested in driving / selling the Pajero because i am only going to get around 15k for my 10 year old 3.8. hence I just keep using it for my daily Abu Dhabi to Dubai back drives and sell it. Mileage is a concern for my Pajero ..I get 7 to 8 km /liter and the GS8 and dodge gives 14 and 18. The savings in fuel will add up. I prefer an SUV and looking at price and mileage, dodge and gs8 look great. Any thoughts
  7. Thanks for the reply Frederic. I haven't checked out Haval H9 yet. It looks like a Prado though. It's also cheaper than the GS8. Do tell me your thoughts on Korean brands. Thanks again
  8. Can anyone give me their thoughts on the GS8 from Gac motors. I just need an SUV for daily commute from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and back. The features it offers and a great price and good mileage maybe. Any thoughts are welcome.
  9. Great will keep these in mind...does the fuel type really matter here? Eplus vs Special for the Pajero? Ive heard these private bus drivers claim that Eplus is bad for mileage ?????
  10. I did a trip from abu dhabi to al ain and was trying different speeds to see which gave me the best mileage. Mine is 3.8 LWB 2008 model. The car was empty and just me driving. Scenario 1: driving at 90km/h gave me 9.3km/l Scenario 2: driving at 110 km/h gave me 8.9km/l Any comments on whether these numbers are good or bad and I will check the spark plugs, filter and tyre pressure and oil. What is the ideal tyre pressure for city driving? 35 psi?
  11. Anyone else done chiptuning? Any thoughts on other chiptuning companies. I found chiptuning and atm tuning? Any thoughts of who has better service as pricing is almost the same.
  12. Hope you can spare some time to answer this. I own a 2008 LWB 3.8 Pajero and current kms is 123000. I have two cars, so the Pajero is my backup and also I tend to use it longer drives and especially ones where I need ferry 5 or 6 people of my family. I dont think there is any issue with it other than the AC fan belt and unit, which I replaced with al habtoor itself. Now my issue with Pajero is it doesnt cool the car enough and definitely not as fast I want it to in this heat. I actually avoid taking the Pajero in the morning as I have experienced feeling so hot and the AC not cooling fast enough and being leather seats, I just burn and I also noticed that even when I leave the car on, but parked, the AC cooling decreases A LOT. In the evening, the AC is EXCELLENT actually. The Pajero also drives like a truck, but then it is one of the most reliable cars I have driven. Being in this part of the world, the AC cooling Is paramount and given the age of the car..running 8 years now, I have started thinking of changing the car to another SUV and the discounts and offers these days are just too good. What would be your honest opinion? Would it fine to keep the car for a few more years problem free or should i change to another SUV with a 5 year contract. I have no issues with either decision actually. I only detest the heat. THANKS
  13. Hi all, My cousin, newbie driver is looking to buy one of those muscle cars - USED ...Dodge Charger...Challenger...Ford Mustang...Corvette...any other suggestions? All ye experienced in this field of car buying...do let me know your thoughts... I have absolutely no idea about these muscle cars ...cost of maintaining it...cost of ownership...which is the highest concern. All suggestions are open...which includes convincing me not to buy any of these cars too...
  14. Hi all, Just a quick query on on the process of changing my current number to a fancy number ? Is this possible? How do you go about it? Can u just browse a directory with numbers aND choose? Fees for changing the number..just the process Thanks
  15. This is indeed a question that I keep asking myself when I see a new ride that I want to get, but keep putting it off due to the following reasons and hence I have had both my cars for almost 6 years now. I am curious to know people's view on this. One is a Pajero and the other is an S class. The S class had extended warranty until last year.. Both have run approx 85,000 kms in 6 years. I dont drive long distances for my daily commute so the Merc is my car of choice. I only use the Pajero if i have to carry around a lot of stuff and people! If i were to try and sell either car, I would get miserable resale values and that kills me after having spent so much money to buy it and so I figure I can keep both of them as long as it doesnt come up with major repairs and so far, neither of the cars have had expensive repairs. So what does everyone think? Keep the cars for as long as possible? I mean arent S class's meant to keep on going?
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