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  1. If its 2013, i will let Habtoor do the job or else they keep complain in warranty that you got this alignment or balancing done from outside and hence you warranty is void. So better stick to dealers until you have 5 years of warranty. My two cents.
  2. Normal spark plug 20000 kms (15-20 dhs) each piece Platinum spark plug 40000 kms (30-40 dhs) each piece Iridium spark plug 6000 kms (40-50 dhs) each piece Brands are Denso, NGK, HKS, Bosch, Champion etc.
  3. Sounds like gear clutch is wearing. You might end up rebuilding the gearbox with good parts.
  4. The biggest most equipment you need to DIY is the scissor lift to lift up your vehicle and then long jack to hold the axle to release. Which i am sure you dont. ..
  5. Fold the seats upright by side clip/lock, then you will see under each seat there are bolts in a clamp to hold seats. Remove that with 12mm spanner and it will be out. Making it light for desert huh.
  6. Hand brake has adjuster behind the rear diff, accessible under the car. Ask your mechanic to tight the screw and it will be fine.
  7. 1996 - 2001 is one of the best model Pajero from Mitsubishi for offroad venture, though its not comfy and feature full than the latest ones. But in latest one they are not very rugged for offroad abuse on weekly basis (soft roaders). Some of common failure: Axle boots torn, power antenna (broken), seats little loose and claking, 4x4 light in dash not working.
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