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  1. call a recovery and take your car to a good garage on Saturday morning he will change the fan in few hours
  2. Normal spark plugs cost 15 dhs Platinum ones 30 dhs Iridium ones 50 dhs.
  3. Sidmid: Please give the contact number of guy in ajman please, my cousin is searching for someone like this since long long time. Thanks.
  4. Hi Mitsu experts, any where to source out some cheaper option for Mitsu gear oil for EVO X. Habtoor costing me arm and leg here and looking for some low cost (BUT GOOD) option, if exists. Thanks
  5. for my lancer parts BMW sharjah road is best there are loads of shops selling lancer parts.
  6. i have a friend how owns a nissan sunny having a similar problem and what mechanic said its the alternator. So when the alternator was changed this problem was solved.
  7. see in this case, you really cant do much. But if you still wanna try something then get the exact part name and number and give call to spare parts dealer in shj selling same original parts at 50% discount rates. Usually they buy discounted parts in wholesale from dealer and sell with lil margin, you might get lucky if some dealer has this part in his stock. Call these shops, find there number from google or yellow pages: Divya, Dhanya, Majelan, hammadi / hamadi, Ayash. If cant get there numbers, drive to sharjah bmw road and they all have shops there, thats wht i do when i have to buy some spare parts.
  8. Seems like your air flow meter is partially working, get the comp check to see if any fault code recorded for AFM. Its expensive to change bro. Around 1500 aed.
  9. yes its better and advisable so that new drum will have more life.
  10. My catalytic converter seems to have stopped up, but it looks like its more than one. Which one on the pipe is the converter can anybody advice me please
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