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  1. Some types of failures like heater core failure, radiator failure even after getting it replace once or more can be turned up as the symptoms of electrolytic corrosion.
  2. Electrolysis Corrosion happens if you have an aluminium radiator in your car. Its basically chemical reaction between the coolant and the metal surface of the radiator. If the radiator is made of iron then the possibility of corrosion is lesser than the case of aluminium radiator. This corrosion takes place specially when the coolant is not changed in years in your car. You can notice corrosion when the radiator of your car is failing again and again. Sometimes the heater core failure is also because of the corrosion.
  3. My Jeep wrangler, 2012 model is running rough. Why?
  4. What are the most common fluids that one should always take care of.
  5. What does it mean by engine bolts stripping? I heard its a common issue in Toyota cars. Not sure what does that mean? Does anyone know about it? If yes, please tell me.
  6. Hey guys. I was asking if automatic climate control system is necessary in a car. I mean what if, it’s not working or if somebody doesn’t have that control in their cars? Does it really affect something?
  7. Toyota is always better than Hyundai. Talk about anything: oil consumption, reliability, maintenance cost and looks. Toyota is the best. Go for Toyota Man!
  8. hey peeps. We all know that somehwere the global warmimg is increasing because of the emissions of gases from the car. Please suggest if there is any possibility to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide from the car?
  9. Test light procedure is use to check the fuse. There is a kit test light kit that you can buy from an auto shop. You need to connect the pointed side of the test light to the fuse connected at the wiper motor. If the test blows, it means the fuse is ok, if not, the fuse is blown out.
  10. I suppose there is a fuse problem in the motor. To check the fuse, follow the test light system and check if the fuse is working or not.
  11. I suppose there is a fuse problem in the motor. To check the fuse, follow the test light system and check if the fuse is working or not.
  12. agree with birj have the belt checked before changing.
  13. baha wrote: > i want to know the price of the starter if anybody can provide. 100 to 150
  14. sagar wrote: > i have a friend how owns a nissan sunny having a similar problem and what > mechanic said its the alternator. So when the alternator was changed this > problem was solved. great thanks sagar for the advise.
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