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  1. Brake disc skimming is required every alternate brake pad change and other alternate you need to change the brake disc itself. Life of brake pad and disc depends on braking and driving habits. Some finish brake pad in 10k km and others run for 40k. Longer you use brake pads it becomes old and start spoiling the brake disc as well. I think in your case best is, get the disc thickness check that it should be more than 6mm at least if not its time to change the brake disc. If disc are fine then get the brake pad changed as older brake pad become hard and brittle making this issue / noise and plus compromising on 100% braking performance.
  2. there are new shops in nife deira and they are far affordable then divya and dhanya.
  3. timing belt is a very expensive deal and i have to get the belt changed for my car too but is there a 2nd option. i want sell the car after getting the timing belt changed.
  4. Only way to get really out is to drill hole sideways and putting some strong metal rod and twist it out. Outside metal is made of steel, even if you mess it up you can weld another bolt and screw it out.
  5. the best is to check it in the manual. and also refer it with a picture.
  6. why change the ones that are not needed?
  7. Lancer is one of the Most awesome cars that mitubishi has made.
  8. http://www.mitsubishidubai.com/workshop-garage-f19/ follow the link it will take you there.
  9. there are a list of good garages already in this forum and with the comments of the guys who have used the service its in the board index 1st few posts.
  10. AC can be tricky get a good mechanic professional one to see your AC
  11. You should get the bushes of your car checked.
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