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  1. Hello @Rahimdad last time we met was in 2017 with the FJ, still driving the same. still running with the original stereo that came with FJ, looking for something with a bit of pump and quality...as suggested by you will search in the posts...I remember @Gaurav posted one when he changed his system.
  2. Looking to upgrade my FJs Music system, suggestions welcome...
  3. @Rahimdad in last GulfNews fun drive a brand new Grand Cherokee finished the drive begin to end with not so experienced Off roaders...i assume it must be good in spite of the Electronics.
  4. wow lovely...I intent to....but there is a plan to go for milky way shoot....let me discuss with friends and confirm....
  5. @Gaurav how is your audio doing now....?missed hearing that ....
  6. @Rahimdad there is another story to tell about @Gaurav's sign language....which added to the thrill....may be later after i fully understand it ....there was a mini thriller on the fossil rock crossing...
  7. what a trip...thanks to @Rahimdad and @Gaurav and other participants in the trip. it was a perfect build up...nice sail through the sand to fossil rock...then scary crossing to the other side then the steep descent / free-fall....OOFFF..then again smooth ride to so called Ghost town only to find ghosts have relocated already,,, @Rahimdad tried to find them but came empty handed and really felt bad about that. then came the hill climb…now I think @Rahimdad purposefully delayed the ascent till dark so that we don’t see the path ahead. he pulled first and disappeared in the first bend….after few seconds he walkied there are signs that there was path and now he is finding it…and little later he said come carefully…that mud path was nothing but two goat walking path with 3 feet deep gap in between and on all sides..rain god played its part weeks back it looks like….basically you have to place the car tyres on them and hope it holds…now there is no way back as going back reverse is not an option….we successfully climbed to top and what a view.. it's worth a view..million dollors…@Rahimdad and @Gaurav @Kavin entertained with food and stories….and we reluctantly descended down…wow …the downhill trip made the climb looked nothing..real silk route very silky..everything in the mouth till reaching the plains….special thanks to @Gaurav who was behind me providing lighting and pushing me forward….next time @Rahimdad and @Gaurav name any trip, as poetic as silk route …beware… hope to see the videos as well thanks to all
  8. thanks @Rahimdad as i commented in earlier trip plans , i work on fridays so need to take leave and come. since this trip is in second half of the day i thought i will try and make it. 056-6032608
  9. Going to be a lovely trip...but all trips are on friday....anything on Saturdays for guys like me who works on fridays..?
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