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  1. Well according to my knowledge, i think there are three types of wires:One is called distributed resistance wires, one is Inductance wire and other one is fixed resistor wires.
  2. For me, it’s the cooled and heated seat which comes under the most important feature in a car. I mean specially in summers, I need cooled seats so that its easy and comfortable for me to drive.
  3. Well I had a good experience with my dealer. He got me a best deal for by Nissan tiida, 2007 model. He had lot of buyers, and he got me the best deal that I suppose I wouldn't have got anywhere else.
  4. what are elastomers used for in a car?
  5. Hey everyone. I have an interesting question for all of you. Please share how many of you think that the car which has better after sale value are better than the those which doesn't. I mean whats more important? The car which has better after sale value after 2 years or the one which you can enjoy riding for almost 5 years?
  6. What type of antifreeze is best suited for the coolant system?
  7. Very good topic to discuss about actually. I would like to cover following points: 1. Check everything before you start: Before you leave your office or home, just scan your car inside and outside if you think something is wrong. Check the tire pressure, engine cover if it is heated, battery if working fine and commong things like this. 2. Burning smell in the car: If you feel that there is some burning smell in your car, get out of the car there and then, and open the engine for a while. Dont kepp driving in such a situation as your car may catch fire. 3. Prepare yourself for hazards: One should be prepared for hazards as well. I mean you should carry fire exttinguisher, extra water in the car, battery terminal clamps, first aid box and tool kit. 4. Be cool: Make sure that when you are driving, your mood is always cool. Never drive when you are angry and in hurry. Angry people generally tend you bang some other car on the road, which is not a good thing So try avoiding that. Also, if you are in urry, dont rush yourself by cross lane driving or unfollow any traffic light. Thats not only dangerous for you, but other people on the road as well. 5. Look when not driving: Look for other hazard on the road when you are driving like a playing kid, or an old man crossing the road. Always take care of pedestrians on the road and give them way first. 6. Concentrate on the road rather than mobile: Please concentrate on the road when you are driving, and not the phone. Sometimes even i do check my phone, but i am sure to loose concentration that time. So aignore such a thing also.
  8. Very interesting topic brother. This reminds me of my experience when I was really new in Dubai. Almost 7 years back, I bought my first car in UAE and that was Honda city. I was really excited with this car. After a year, something went wrong with the radiator and had to replace it. I don’t know why I took my car to the workshop, and not the dealer to replace the radiator. It was not covered in the warranty, and that’s why to save some bucks I went to a local workshop. They replaced the radiator and gave my car back after 2 days. I was happy with their car and I left. After some day when I gave my car to the dealer, they told me that the tires of my cars have been replaced and they are not the original one’s that they provided me. Not only that, the battery was replaced with an old one which by the way was corrosive. I was so annoyed by this. I went back to that workshop. I saw it got shut down and they never opened it back. So ya, it’s really important to investigate about a local workshop before giving them your car for any kind of service. Always check for their AAA certification from the government and Auto industry. Make sure that they have customers before you and it’s a popular mechanic in Dubai. They should be renowned and must be certified with all the mechanical works they promise. It is always good to go for such a workshop which is recommended to you by your friend or close ones, as they are not considered to be fraud. Also, make sure that they are proper billing method when you pay them. I mean the bill must not be on a piece of paper, but should be presented to you on the company memo.
  9. Can anyone describe on how to check the main relay of a car?
  10. If all of the power windows are not working then supposedly there is a problem in the power window motor. You can go to the service center and ask them to repair the power window motor. I faced the same problem once, and it was because of the motor itself. So, i suppose its the same problem.
  11. I faced the same problem in my car, when i was trying to put ignition but there was no spark. I read about it and confirmed from some professionals as well. There can be reasons like: 1. CKP sensor must have gone bad or broke. 2. The ignition module of the car must have been failed to respond. 3. Sometimes the ignition coil is also broken In my case, it was ignition coil. You can get it checked.
  12. Are none of the power windows working or just one?
  13. Fuel pump gets clogged when the driver drives the car with less than 1/4 tank on the regular basis. If you do not put fuel in the car regularly and driving it, that is the time when fuel pump gets clogged.
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