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  1. Don't even try that. There are some safety rules that you need to follow especially if you are disconnecting any eletric connection. Since the charges passes though electric connection when the engine is running, any one can get an eletric shock and sometimes spoil all the electric accessories in the car.
  2. How and when can I judge if the inner tie rod is going bad in my car?
  3. If I have a vacuum leak in car then how to find it?
  4. If the fuel pressure hired lie in your engine, it creates issues when you try to start your car. It can cause rough idling, stalling and digestives hesitation on the engine. Misfiring is also the result of low fuel pressure. Of one when i faced low fish pressure, my car suddenly started jetting and finally stopped woke driving.
  5. No. You need to clean the system by filling it with half antifreeze and half distilled water. Once it is cleaned properly, you can reuse it.
  6. They dude. What you said was right. I went to the workshop almost 15 days back and they changed the failed joint. Thanks anyways! Great help!
  7. It is highly recommended that you get it changed from the workshop itself. If you have good knowledge about the dimensions and categories of starter, only then go for a DIY process.
  8. Well I know some of them: Hand Wrenches Socket Wrenches Speciality Wrenches ScrewDrivers Pliers
  9. I can think of following reasons: Tire Pressure: Sometimes when the tire pressure of the car is low, it leads to an accident. So its really important to maintain the pressure in car tires. Wiper Blades: This has happened to me lot of times, when the wiper blades of my car got torn and it directly affected the visibility especially in humid weather. And we all know how humid this country is. So its really important to get your wiper blades always examined when you are giving your car for servicing. Engine Oil: Well, its very obvious and necessary to change the engine oil in the car. If not, the old engine oil can cause engine wearing. Not only the old engine oil but sometimes the low engine level is also an issue. Low Engine oil level means engine overheating, its as simple as that. Transmission Fluid: Doesn't matter if you are using the manual or an automatic car, both of them requires proper flow of transmission fluid. If not, your transmission starts slipping. Some people think that the transmission fluid lasts forever, but its not correct. One needs to change the transmission fluid regularly to avoid car breakdown.
  10. Its true actually. Your friend is right. Some things like idle speed, timing for spark and mixture of fuel are automatically controlled in new models. All the new models nowadays are designed with automatic engine controls and that's why there is no need to do anything manually.
  11. not really. Only the authorized vehicle are allowed to put a tattoo, but not everyone. The same goes with the window tint as well.
  12. Well there are many options where you can. First is to contact your dealer itself. They will recommend you the best. Some dealers provide you with it. If not, you can go to the auto parts streets on naif street. There are lot of options you can opt for. And as per i remember, some showrooms do provide you the warranty. But if you think naif street won't serve the purpose, then you can go to yellow hat showroom. I think it's there in time square mal
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