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  1. Hello All. I have Mitsubishi Galant 2008 model since last two years and recently car misbehaving little bit, went to my trustworthy mechanic and he diagnose its time to change the spark plugs. After changing the plugs car behave properly but out of curiosity as im closer to 100k kms mechanic checked the timining belt and advise it need change soon so i need to leave car for a day and it will cost me 1500 dhs for that bloody rubber belt. After hearing this, i doubted my regular mechanic and it seems time for a change. Can anyone help me understand that what exactly timing belt is? How expensive it is? How expensive it is to change? How long required to change? I have only one car and can't leave the car for a day as i am in sales and have regular client visits. Thanks guys.
  2. when i start my Nativa there is nothing happening. no lights are coming on nor anything is starting. what is this happening?
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