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  1. If you feel any issue in the wiring circuit, it means the relays are failing
  2. There are lots of benefits for DIY. The main benefit is the time and money saving.
  3. I heard about some fuel cell vehicle concept in new generation cars. What is it about?
  4. The check valve in the car is leaking I suppose. That’s the reason why power brakes are not working.
  5. Can anyone tell me how to raise the vehicle using the jacks safely?
  6. I heard that Out-lander consume more oil than other cars. Is it so? I was really interested in buying Outlander, but I may not buy if the oil consumption is really high. If someone owns a Highlander, please tell me how much it consumes oil?
  7. Well the consequences of overheated engine can be really bad. At first, following things will get ruined very easily: Radiator: If there is a leak in the radiator because of which the engine got overheated, you need to get that replaced. And yes, once there is a leak in the radiator, you cannot repair it, only replacement. Same goes with the water pump, air filter, head gaskets, belts and hoses. Fire: Overheated engine is an invitation to the fire in the car. Once the engine gets overheated, the fuel in the engine starts burning. And after that it’s really easy and quick for the engine to catch fire. Fluid burning: Once the engine starts to overheat other fluid in transmission, coolant, antifreeze and fuel system also gets deeply affected by it. There is a possible chance that other fluid will start leaking and burning as well. Don’t ignore overheating problem. I remember when I ignored engine overheating in my car. For a week, I was getting a feeling that my engine is overheating. Because I was careless, I avoided it. After a week I took my car to the garage, and whatever parts I mentioned above were all replaced. The complete engine was leaking. I still remember the image of my engine, how terrible it was. My experience was still nothing; my friend’s car was caught on fire because of engine overheating. By god’s grace he was safe, but his complete car was nothing but burning tears to him. He knew that his car was overheating a lot and he did not care to go to the dealer to get it checked. It was on Shk. Zayed road, where his car was burning. And off course he cannot blame anyone else because he knew it was all because of his carelessness. So yes guys don’t be stupid like us if your engine is overheating. Rush to the garage now!
  8. Hey people. Can anyone tell me what phenomenon is included in the emission test of a car?
  9. I have eclipse from 5 years now. The car was running fien until one day when the alternator of the car stopped charging. No idea, why is tis happening. Does someone know about this?
  10. well I think following are really important: Screwdrivers, wrenches which are open end, extensions, sockets, work light, LEDs, keys(hex), screws, ratchet drivers, pliers for cutting, car manual for expert help, mechanics gloves, pliers and torch.
  11. hi edward. thank yo for you reply. can you please also advice me on how to fix this issue. Thank you in advance
  12. hey Guys. I am really annoyed with the trouble code that i am facing in my car. I am experiencing trouble code p0325 i.e. the knock sensor trouble code. But not really sure what to do about it. can anyone tell me how to diagnose the same? Thank you
  13. Hey. There are some other possibilities as well. If the pickup inside the distributor is gone bad, then also one experience no spark while starting the car. Or may be the distributor cap or rotor is loose or broken. Get the distributor specially checked.
  14. hi guys i would like to share this old publicity shot from the second japanese catalogue, issued in June 1973. Incidentally, the Chief Engineer on the first generation Lancer project was Munechika Namba, while the chief designer was Shinichi yamamura.
  15. Remember all 4-cylinder engines lack inherent balance in one plane. They vibrate at particular RPMs, depending on stroke, piston, rod weight, and other factors. Since the 1970s at least, Mitsubishi has installed balancer shafts to combat these harmonic vibrations. because of the way 4-cylinders are imbalanced, there is no way to cancel all of the vibrations produced by the engine, except just those that occur in a particular range of engine speeds. Also, balancer shafts are carefully designed to combat vibration occurring in one particular engine- if you change pistons or rods to a different part or stroke the engine, or bore it larger the balancer shafts become less effective.
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