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  1. Unfortunately it will change, what you said about the speedometer stick to the gearbox is true, but the speadometer is set to the tire size, because when you change the the tire profile, the diameter of the wheel will change (increase) so the distance you make in 1 round of the new tire size (bigger) will be more than the distance you made with the old size... so with the same speed of engine revolution you make you will be running on a higher speed with the speedometer reading the old speed... meaning if the speedometer was reading 120km.. you will be actualy going 130.. i hope i was able to explain this in clearly
  2. Thanks guys for your replies.. really helpfull
  3. Hi, I own a 2009 Outlander 3.0 & I want to change (Increase) my Tires profile, but i know if i do this the speedometer wont be accurate cause i have to change the settings stored in the car... any body know who can do this in Dubai?
  4. Hi, Any one knows where, how and how much will it cost to lift up my outlander (2009) a couple of inches?
  5. Also check your tires if you still have your original tires.
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