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  1. If your vehicle runs better when the mass air flow sensor is unhooked, then chances are that the signal from the sensor is bad (could be for a variety of reasons) or you just have an air or a vacuum leak. Check the intake air snorkel for any damage and replace it if needed.
  2. hey bud!! umm ... i think it could be an air bubble in the system or the thermostat has gone bad. have you tried discussing this issue with the dealer? don't think you will be able to do something on your own. take care
  3. I Sourced out the manual and it said that only when getting brakes changed the oil is bleed and new brake oil is filled.
  4. You can contact dhanya auto parts and ask them the price of your evo oil. They sell all original parts without dealer premium. Dhanya group of Companies P.O Box 22209 Sharjah UAE phone:00971 6 5323374,00971 6 5335755, fax:00971 6 5333479,00971 6 5335807
  5. My Nativa 2004 model having some squeaking fan belt noise when i start the car everyday in morning or in evening. After 10-15 seconds noise fade out and dissappear. Can anyone advise what exactly the problem is and why there is no noise during the driving and how should i explain this to mechanic without making him hear the noise. Leaving car overnight is not an option as i dont have 2 cars. Appreciate any help here. Thanks guys.
  6. Could i get any lead on a good workshop in Deira or Dubai?
  7. My speed sensor stopped beeping some sensor problem got if fixed in 200.
  8. its not expensive to get them changed at a good service center.
  9. this can not be done by yourself. Its a safety issue so i suggest ask a good mechanic do the job.
  10. hahahaha in all honesty man its only a 2010 which seems fairly new get to the dealer and ask him to check it out as it may be under warranty still.
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