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  1. Hi Simon, I am also running late due to the fog. It will be a delayed start. For anything you can call me on 055-9567471
  2. RSVP is Closed Convoy Numbering 1. Srikumar - Cherokee XJ 2. Simon Temple - Pajero 3.8 3. Alex Sidorov - Jeep Grand Cherokee 4. Gordon - Land Cruiser 5. Mustafa - Pajero 3.8 See you in the morning at 6:30 AM
  3. @Mus_hus78 @Gordon Finlayson @Simon Temple @Alex Sidorov The meeting point is updated on the drive post as well as on the calendar event : https://goo.gl/maps/RdTqkKaqUjgQYbx56 As we are less than 24 hours from the start of the drive, here is a brief of what we plan to do tomorrow: PREPARATION FOR THE DRIVE AND WHAT TO EXPECT 1) Please ensure that you reach the meeting point on time, i.e., 6:30 AM sharp. A little early would be better. If you are late, you would be left behind. Also, ensure that you have tow points at the front and rear. 2) All first timers with Carnity need to ensure that they have gone through the Newbie briefing Video : 3) We will be using Carnity Channel 1 tomorrow. (446.00625 Mhz). The instructions to program the radio are provided in the below post. Please ensure that you have a fully charged and programmed radio before the drive. If you are a first timer with Carnity we shall provide you with a spare radio for this drive. 4) All traction controls, ABS and Air bags need to be switched off. If it requires pulling the fuse, please do the needful. Incase of any queries you can always ask me before the drive or better still, post your queries on this drive post and we would assist. 5) If you have a flag, pressure gauge, deflator and compressor bring it along. If you dont have a compressor, not a problem as we would be exiting close to ADNOC at Sweihan were you can inflate your tyres after the drive. 6) For highway tyres you can deflate to 15 psi. Those who have AT tyres, you can deflate to 13 psi. 7) Feel free to ask questions at any time. 8 ) Convoy Numbering will be posted later today. We shall be starting the drive on some flat tracks and would build up the pace from there depending on the convoy response. We will be driving for about 3.5 hours practicing driving in sand, proper steering control, crossing some dunes, and getting you and your vehicle more familiarized with the desert. By 10:30 am we will be heading out towards the ADNOC gas station.
  4. Hearty congratulations @Barry. Best wishes on your new journey
  5. You can check in the scrap market or other option is if you are lucky to find some other Pajero owner who is willing to swap their 16 inch for an upgraded 17 inch. Both ways your tyre width would remain at 265
  6. My experience on Bridgestone Dueler has been significantly better than Dunlop, but yes I agree they are also prone to popping out. But a lot depends on your drive style as well. Since you are driving the 3.5 Pajero you can downsize from 17 inch to 16 inch rims, which might open up more options. Also, please note that when you are moving to AT tyres, there will be significant weight addition over your existing HT tyres. If less power is something that is already bothering you, then give it another thought before doing the switch from HT to AT. If you have decided to move to AT , then Yokohama Geolandar AT is one of the best in the market as its probably the lightest and best priced. If you have the budget, and you intend to drive purely on sand then you can look at the Michelin LTX which would provide you with a lightweight tyre that doesnt affect your power, but also extremely good for the sand.
  7. I have been running a straight pipe (no CAT) with a muffler at the end. I wasn't aware that a CAT removal in newer cars is a problem. The easiest way to eliminate doubt is to just take your car for passing (even if not due) and see if they are passing or failing the car.
  8. until
    Drive Details Level: Newbie and Above (All Levels) When: 15 Jan 2021, Friday. Meeting time: 6:30 AM (SHARP - Without any exceptions) Meeting Point: - https://goo.gl/maps/RdTqkKaqUjgQYbx56 Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance. What to bring along: Loads of water, snacks (for yourself), smiles, face mask, rubber gloves, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 10:30 AM End Point: Sweihan ADNOC Station
  9. Join us to explore Sweihan Desert in Abu Dhabi And learn the art of offroading in a versatile playground for your first off-road adventure. You will learn to self-drive your vehicle from experts having decades of off-roading experience in the UAE. This area offers a good mix of playable long set of dunes and broad ridges to test your off-road control. Drive is open for all 4x4/4WD/SUV/AWD vehicles having 8-10 inches of ground clearance and (MANDATORY) Front and rear tow hooks (MANDATORY) What you'll learn: Introduction to off-roading. Desert driving basics and etiquette. Desert driving tips, techniques, myth and best practices. Off-road and safety gear familiarization and recovery procedures. Vehicle orientation, risk analysis, deflation and outdoor safety advice. First time with Carnity Off-road Club: Please share your vehicle details - Make, Model, Year. Do you have any prior off-road experience? Confirm your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks / eyelets. Why should i join? We will teach you how to self-drive off-road safely and learn the best offroad driving and recovery techniques. If you have already driven in sand before then you can learn more from experts having decades of offroading experience in the UAE. This area offers a good mix of playable long set of dunes and broad ridge to test your off-road control. Can my vehicle do this ? This drive is open for all 4x4/4WD/SUV/AWD vehicle having 8-10 inches of ground clearance and front and rear tow hooks. If in doubt please first announce your questions on the drive thread so we can advise you further. Any stock 4x4/4WD are most welcome, you don't need any vehicle modifications. Can i bring passengers ? Yes of course, but if you are absolute new to offroading it is better to drive alone first to avoid any distractions. Learn More About: Carnity Off-road Club This drive is organized in full compliance with the COVID19 guidelines. We expect every member that joins this drive to go through below information and and strictly follow these guidelines in order not to jeopardize someone's health, and to ensure we can keep organizing these drives safely. MUST READ AND TOTALLY AGREE: COVID19 Precautions MUST READ AND TOTALLY AGREE: BAN POST Two Way Radio Guidelines Every Offroader brings his own radio, programmed to the frequencies described in below advice topic. We will not share spare radios or program your radio on the drive. If you need assistance in programming the radio, post a topic on the Carnity website with your questions and we will help you out. Make sure your radio is fully charged. It will be your only way of communication while driving. Before buying, please carefully read below advice so you are informed properly on which model / cost / shops... No radio = No drive. It is an essential tool and you should make sure you bring it on every drive and learn/practice how to use it. MUST WATCH: NEWBIE VIDEO BRIEFING Drive Details Level: Newbie and Above (All Levels) When: 15 Jan 2021, Friday. Meeting time: 6:30 AM (SHARP - Without any exceptions) Meeting Point: - https://goo.gl/maps/RdTqkKaqUjgQYbx56 Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance. What to bring along: Loads of water, snacks (for yourself), smiles, face mask, rubber gloves, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 10:30 AM End Point: Sweihan ADNOC Station LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE: Limited to 15 cars only. RSVP will close on Thursday - 9 AM. 1 Lead Marshal + 1-2 Senior Members + 12 Members. If the RSVP is full and you wish to join, please mention your name on the drive thread to add on the waiting list. Latecomers will be returned back - without ANY EXCEPTIONS. Members without RSVP will be returned back - without ANY EXCEPTIONS. Please withdraw your RSVP, if you aren't joining, so your spot can be taken by others. Repeated no-show members after RSVP will have their account suspended for a month. PLEASE RSVP ON THE BELOW CALENDAR EVENT
  10. You can check TJM brand as well. They have 5 year warranty
  11. TRIP REPORT Early mornings in January can be quite chilly and with a strong wind blowing, it felt like the temperature was in the single digits. Everyone made it to the meeting point on time and with a quick briefing at the break of dawn we were off into the deserts of Shuwaib. This area is less traversed by other offroaders and hence we were greeted to a lot of clean dunes but with an extreme amount of vegetation. With a good convoy of FB+, I was quite eager to push the level and give everyone a challenging drive. As we dodged our way through the forests of Shuwaib we had our first stuck of the morning where Probir's front bumper was dug in the sand. With some good team work, a bit of shoveling and tugging by Anand we were able to change the direction of the car and get him out of what initially seemed like a nasty stuck. As we reached more cleaner (less vegetation) dunes we started criss crossing, ridge riding, long hill climbs and everyone did exceptionally well. We of course had our fair share of refusals and that is to be expected in such a terrain. But all the refusals and stucks brought out the entire team with their shovels and helping hands. As we were getting closer to Super bowl, the wind had picked up its pace and it was getting extremely dusty with poor visibility of the dunes and ridges upfront. Nevertheless the entire convoy pushed through and made it along to super bowl. Surprisingly, there was lesser than expected crowd at Super Bowl. Despite that, we decided that it would be better to spend less time at Super Bowl and more on the dunes to IFB. Just as we were moving out of that area, we met a group of Kabayan offroaders who had a Pajero stuck in a pocket with a double popout. They reached out to us, asking if we had a jack and a board. While helping to fix their popouts, unfortunately @Anvar Sadath Bekal got caught in a pocket. Though he had room to maneuver his car the exit point was blocked by the Kabayan group's Pajero that had the double pop out. After fixing the first pop out, while we were helping fix the second tyre, another convoy started driving close to where we were standing and one of their Newbie drivers had a refusal close to Anvar's car. Despite our clear instructions to not move from that position, he messed up the entire area and slid to a feet from Anvar's car. Probably his ego got the better of him, but he created a situation that became quite difficult to move either car without banging into the other. After fixing the Kabayan group's second tyre, we attended to this 2 car stuck situation by trying to change the angle of Anvar's car with slow tugs. Though we made some progress it was a tedious task with a lot of soft sand around. Around the same time this other group managed to get a car with a winch which helped accelerate the recovery process. The fact that both the cars left from the spot with no scratch is credit to our entire team who despite some heavy sand blowing, stood there and helped maneuver each car inch by inch. All participants brought the team spirit of Carnity which was fantastic to witness. It was also a good gesture from the Kabayan offroaders to stay back till we all left from that place. Few important lessons from the drive for everyone : 1. If you see a car that is not moving, never get too close to it especially on a side slope. There is a high possibility that you would slide into the stationary car. Its better to exit out if the cars in front are struggling or stuck. 2. Never ever bring ego into offroading, as that will only worsen the situation. Always keep calm and try to resolve the problem at hand. Big shout out to all the drivers and their passengers for assisting and participating in some very difficult situations. When the going got tough, the tough get going and this was amply demonstrated by everyone who participated yesterday. Special mention of thanks to @Jeepie for supporting the drive and helping out all the drivers during their refusals and stucks. Also, congratulation to @Anand Nataraj who helped in the recoveries. Look forward to seeing you guys next time on the sand.
  12. DRIVE PLAN Shuwaib is famous for its tall dunes and massive bowls, so all drivers get ready to push your cars to the limit and ofcourse in a safe manner. The governing rules of offroading still remain the same 1) No fighting gravity or forcing your car over the dune and 2) Keep momentum as your friend. We will start slowly and as we reach the bigger dunes the pace would be increased, while moving in the intended direction of Super Bowl and Iftar Bowl (depending on the traffic in that area). Few important points: 1. Keep your full sized shovels handy, as you would need them in the event of a refusal to start digging. 2. If you have a refusal (depending on the situation), it might be better to get down and assess the situation before getting your self complete dug in. 3. As this is a Fewbie+ drive, we will be moving continuously through the dunes and not doing turns on climbs or bowls, unless there is a refusal. 4. If you see the car in front struggling, either stop or exit but donot overtake. Convoy Numbering 1. Srikumar - XJ 2. Goutam - Wrangler (SL) 3. Probir - LC 4. Athula - JGC 5. Yasas - Cherokee 6. Vipin Shetty - JGC 7. Marjan - TJ (CF) 8. Ashok - Pajero 9. Anvar Sadath - Pajero 10. Muhammad Kashif - Wrangler 11. Willem - Wrangler 12. Anand - Xterra (Sweep) We will be using Carnity Channel 2 (446.031.25). See you at the meeting point tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM
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