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  1. Just remember seeing this Marauder in IDEX few years back in Abu Dhabi, just came across it's nice pic below, not all military camouflage one. Btw, it's a street legal car.
  2. In Dubai, speed matters and dictates the distance you have to keep between the car ahead of you. Not maintaining enough distance between vehicles is considered one of the highest causes of minor and severe accidents in Dubai, especially during the winters, rainy and foggy days. Mandatorily, motorists have to keep a minimum of 5-meter space (1 car size) between vehicles when traveling over 80 kmph. New radars now detect tailgating as well, apart from car speed. Motorists violating the safe distance traffic rule will be fined Dh 400 and slapped with four black points. If you are traveling at 100 kmph, keep at least 20 meters. In most cases, a safe following distance is much longer than a car length. Bad weather conditions make every driving decision more critical. Heavy fog sometimes gives an illusion of slow movement even if another car is moving faster. In a super dense fog keep the hazard lights on all the time; it helps other drivers to notice your car. In a medium fog tail lamp is enough to be seen. Drive with headlights and fog light on if your car is equipped with one. Signal all turns well in advance, and brake early to warn other drivers. Always check your mirrors and the surrounding vehicles. A method to ensure that you are at a safe distance from the car ahead of you is to ‘count in seconds’. A safe distance is at least 2 seconds behind the vehicle ahead of you in ideal conditions. Remember to double the seconds in poor conditions. You could also try the time-lapse method. As the rear of the car ahead of you passes a landmark to the left-hand side of the road, such as a light pole or tree, murmur ‘One thousand one, One thousand Two’, which is essentially 2 seconds. If the your car bumper passes the pole or tree before you finish counting, you are not maintaining a safe distance. Road rage, even minor rude expressions can attract significant penalties in UAE. The main thing to remember is to be calm and drive safely
  3. I heard from few of my friends that expensive car window tinting blocks the signal of mobile phone and GPS devices including the phone internet base maps and stand alone mapping devices. Is it true? Or anyone has some insight on this subject as I am thinking to get one for my main car as I am sick of satwa solar films that fades every 6 months and cost 200-300 dhs every time. Thanks all.
  4. salaam brothers. i have replaced the MAF sensor in my 2003 galant twice now. the car runs fine when it is unplugged and does not stall at all. with the MAF sensor plugged in however, it sputters and tries to keep the idle up, although it stalls only once the rpm falls below 1000. i was told by the people at the workshop that there are no vaccumm leaks or anything. the battery is good, the alternator is almost brand-new and i recently changed the EGR. i might be wrong but i dont think that another bad sensor can cause the MAF sensor not to work when plugged in. or can it? if so then which one?
  5. Most probably the rotors warped ... that's generally what happens Or basically its just a very old car my friend time for an upgrade?
  6. For the past 3 years the heater in my 2006 Eclipse starts blowing cold air whenever the car stops moving. Most people say that its a manufacturing defect but i refuse to believe that. The problem did not exist in the first few years. The defrost ONLY blows cold air WHILE parked AND idling. I can leave the engine running for 30 minutes with frost on the windshield and it will not even get warm but as soon as I start driving ... boom ... it heats up like some sort of magic. Any guesses folks? M worried because the winters are not too far away and my new job requires me to travel a lot. Peace.
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