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  1. Love the Talbot Lago. Never knew something like this existed.
  2. One of the most beautiful dash, I cant explain why its beautiful but the feel of driving the car and the interiors were pure bliss. Everything has aged so well. Photos taken last Fall. 1990 BMW M-Technik
  3. Now, a vehicle which I have only seen in UAE Mitsubishi Jeep!!! Saw this one at Umm Al Quwain, for sale a long time ago, I think 2013, just thought about posting it now...
  4. Hee Hee....Its just a cowboy advise from my brother.... If there is some sound from the vehicle and its bothering you, just increase the music volume and ride on..... Above advise was specifically given to me when there was a intermittent rattle from the car and was expensive to fix
  5. If the ride isnt too bad, why dont you just drive with the existing engine till failure, since you will get close to nothing for the existing engine? Just from a layman's perspective. Maybe, just maybe, there wont be much trouble... You can always replace your engine or have it fixed later.
  6. Some cars are built with Grade A parts. Mitsubishi Eclipse is one of them, so it shouldnt be giving you much trouble. This was further reaffirmed by the workshop mechanics, when they said that the eclipses are great machines and runs smooth. Iv owned a 2009 GT for 4 years now. Had issues with leaky A/C tubes once. No other issues.
  7. I work in a Lab. We have done tests of Exide battery and it has one of the best quality materials, as confirmed from friends in the testing lab....
  8. I feel that @HSD can get the RR if he has time to get the car fixed every now and then and is ok with car issues/part failure. For someone who just wants reliability and just to keep driving without any issues and dont have time to frequent the workshop/dealership, go for LC instead. So basically, its an individual's choice.
  9. Dont trust the Stealerships, do you own research. Download the service manual or check your owners manual for the oil grade.
  10. More than anything, I feel sorry for the gas station staff who tries to sell these cleaners in the desert heat, so wanted to know about this.
  11. H1? I think they sell it to civilians in the west.
  12. My AC Delcos have always failed during 11 months exact! Atleast i got the warranty. Had to buy it again the 3rd year as my wife was stuck on the road and 800-BATTERY does AC DELCOs. Stay away from AC Delco. I have heard AMARON is very good and will post about it when it dies.
  13. I see almost everytime, the gas station staff tries to sell Carbon cleaning addittives for fuel and engine. Is it recommended? Does it do any good?
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