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  1. More than likely it will and it should fit, im 90% sure. As they both share same platform and same US build. It must have had just cosmetic shape change for different league and base bracket and screw positions must be absolutely same. You can check many scrap yard in back side of Troy university in sharjah. If you coming from sahara center mall from Dubai to Sharjah, then from Troy University signal take right and all scrapyard are lined up on right side.
  2. there is a leak it seems. the AC Gas Fill up is only required when its leaking. Get your car to a good Car AC mechanic
  3. just today i had the time to read the review and its very good. xterra is one of the finest Nissan product.
  4. only the faulty cylinder will be changed. and the others will be kept as it is.
  5. go to good mechanic and ask him to see the suspensions.
  6. its a very simple procedure and if you have had your hands in such thing it will not be difficult. First place a bucket below the the radiator and drain the system by opening the petcock fitting near the bottom. Remove the clamps from your old hose with a pliers or screwdriver it will be a bit hard as with time they get very hard to remove. Remove the hose and clean it, then apply a small amount of gasket sealer to the fittings to assure a tight seal with your new hose. Slide new set of clamps onto the hose and install them Tighten all the clamps, fill the radiator with coolant, and start the engine to check for cooling system leaks. best of luck
  7. Well what i can think from back of my mind is get the stuff from them and get it installed here. For professional solution you can go to Yellow hat, Dynatrade or there is one shop in karama: right opposite the main entrance of Lamcy mall after the parking lot. Cant rem the name but i have seen big expensive car there for electrical upgrades.
  8. Well dorth there are two disclaimer on top and bottom clearly says that this is fan site for Nissan owners in Dubai. I dont think there is any relation between two of them. Wait more for admin to comment.
  9. Excellent checklist for the causes of overheating. Good list Omer.
  10. Better show it to some Gear professional like DEXOl and let them fix it. If its only third gear stuck it may be less cost in repair as only that gear teeth might have some issues, dont drive much as it will surely cost more if you ignore this first sign of gear failing.
  11. You cant remove the bend from cat converter, you have to only remove it. You can change as you like in month or two but you might not get car passing if RTA fails it in emission test. If no test in next few months, no worries.
  12. Check the brake oil, if its low top up and then check the brake oil leak and get it fix. If stills same then your brake booster is due for change. Its expensive.
  13. The craking and squeaking noise is probably a bad or dry bearing in the fan motor, causing it to run slow or not at correct speed. Sometimes there are oilers on the motor that you can try to oil but the motor really needs to be replaced.
  14. You shud look into lifting Xterra two or three inches first and try again. However, to answer your question you can get nice skid plate from ICON in ghusais, excellent in fabrications job.
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