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  1. best tires for nissan sunny is bridgestone.
  2. Sound proofing you can check with body shop in Al quoz like Max garage, technical garage etc. Im sure they can add some more layer or width or thicker beading or insulation over firewall area from where most of the noise passes in cabin. For rear bumper you can check aftermarket accessories shops in shj near troy university, they might have one for you.
  3. Actually speaking if your car overheated and stalled then im sure you have toasted your engine. Same happen with my friend who drive Ford, as he ignored small leak in radiator one day that leak agravate and on business bay his car stalled as he didnt paid attn to heat gauge and finally his engine is fried. He still find cheaper ways to rebuilt it.
  4. Test the car running, but AC switched off. Those drops must be from AC condensation water. So if you see the drops w/o AC then there is some water line leak and your mechanic need to try harder to find them. DO NOT IGNORE this issue as car engine running for less than 2 mins w/o water can fry your whole engine and you have to buy new engine.
  5. My colleague bought one too. 0 - 100 is about 6+ sec. Company claims 5.7. Pretty close.
  6. Car when overheats to an extent it cut off automatically and start back after it cools down a bit. If it was not due to overheating, you could suspect on fuel filter or fuel pump that might have given up on that specific instance.
  7. Lift between 2 to 5 Inches is good. cost will vary from place to place it may depend on the quality of lift kit you will use. 5000 to 30,000.
  8. You can only change to heavy duty lifted springs. You have no option there. However you have many option in type or rather which company you spring you should go for. Do bit of research and make an educated choice between following brands: Old man EMU, King springs, Ranchos, Rough country etc.
  9. Looks like time to change CKPS, pls check that first.
  10. need an alignment done, or balancing them. or check tire pressure in all 4 wheel shud be equal.
  11. qashqai is actually not an offroad vehicle if you go serious dune bashing. However little offroading or bach sand is fine. Be careful dont burn the tranny by over stressing it.
  12. You need four auto door lock in all doors. One central locking device to sync all four door locks. An electrical connection to central locking device and all 4 auto door locks. DIY can be difficult if u havent done it before. People who sells central lock and auto door locks will be happy to do it for less than 50aed.
  13. It cant be fuse, or else it wont go by itself. Its a loose wire, cable, socket or may be fuse that is making this trouble
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