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  1. Please dont try this ATF bull shit if you love your car as there is no such thing that higher viso oil will clean the engine. it need proper chemical to clean and atf is made for automatic transmission and power steering only and not for dishwashing plates
  2. Buy your own flush is better from retail shop like Liqui Moly or other good branded ones, than going with the unheard product sold at service station that doesn't do any good to engine cleaning. I remember bilstein engine flush used to be in emarat station and they used to hook the machine to flush engine with couple of rounds iun 15-20 mins and glass bottle use to show the crap out of your engine in end, but it was expensive like 500 dhs and that's why they closed that service. If you can still find such in other emirates go for that please anyday.
  3. Lancer and Accent are very very populaor so why killing them. Is this list is true? cant believe it.
  4. When I say dream, I mean achiveable dream and not Hymvee (H1) or 6x6 wheeler. Seeigng so many offroad drive video here every week, I am really curious to know whats your real dream offroad car you will buy - if you have cash + availability of the car. This dreamlist is not limited to new model, but you can share the older or oldest model too. Second if you don't mind telling whoich is your present offroad ride and from how long you have it. thanks all guys.
  5. ayman has some very valid and good points for the original poster, although I don't understand this offroad business much but his points make lot of sense in haveing some logics.
  6. I suggest don't leave such crooks loose and defintely report to police to take some action or atleast drag hime once to police station and let him speak his fake story in front of cops, to pee in his pants. This is very bad and cheating.
  7. Better to search in sharjah scrapyard in sajja and hope you can get lucky from some rear or side accidental car. Sajja used parts area has much organized than before, so it will be easy to find there.
  8. I am having around 30-35k AED and wondering where is the best place to invest in current market? Upgrading my car is better option than the bank savings account, so looking for something better to increase it's worth in a year or two time.
  9. Couple friends were discussing about the power to weight ratio (advantage) of recreational pickups and one of them mentioned that single cab pickup is very dangerous in case you rollover in offroad. His logic was as there is no C pillar so entire impact comes on A and B pillar completely and B pillar (right above driver head) takes lot of beating and get crushed. Sounds logical, but what do you guys say or have seen any rollover incident of single cab and how much damage it caused to the driver?
  10. Do you know almost all modern cars have speed limiter and rev limiter installed from factory. That is other thing that they are set at 250 km/h or above for suiting autobahn driving and not UAE road limits. I agree to first two suggestions, but point 3 is useless as people doing these high speeds are clever enough to know the fixed radar locations. Point 4 is again useless, as couple of thousand dirham discount or overcharge for insurance premium will not deter this crime from filthy rich boyz.
  11. Japanese are the best resale holder in UAE. Refer to below list in order from best to worst based on my experience: Toyota Nissan Lexus Honda Mitsubishi Infiniti Mazda Audi Mercedes Land Rover
  12. Which is the best off road suspension for 2006 model Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX - 4.0 liter with 120,000 kms driven. Original one is fine for road but after 10 years seems to be sagging now and in off-road it doesn't give enough height and bounce the car when at high speed. What are your guys recommendation for good suspension that can last 5 years without a trouble for off-road and on road use mix. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks guys, I need a truck for single or max two person off-roading only. Any suggestions or key factors to prefer one over the other.
  14. I would not use Adnoc / ENOC engine oil other than little top-up in an emergency situation, as I don't think they have a very good capacity to manufacture engine oil that meet / exceed specifications of other international top-tier engine oil manufacturers such as Shell, Castrol, Mobil 1 etc. If you are on budget, to avoid the the dealer service I would highly recommend what Kasim said to go for Mobil 1 or any other good international engine oil brand and go to ADNOC / ENOC and ask them to change, they will charge 20 dhs labor for oil change and you be 100% sure that you have put good quality stuff in your car.
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