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  1. What is the difference between under inflation and over inflation?
  2. How to choose the best replacement valve seat for Kia Optima
  3. This mainly happens when the tire pressure is low in the tire.
  4. How do I check the relays for any kind of failure in my Chevrolet Cruze, 2010 model?
  5. Dude. It did work. Lol.hahahha So now, i know how to unlock the steering without the key. So guys! Be aware! Kidding!
  6. Hello people. No questions actually. Just wanna wish happy winters to everyone. Finally the weather is changing. Less heat, but yes, it's really humid. So keep the windshield always clean along with your side and rear mirrors.
  7. Its a knock sensor trouble code. It may be because of the detonation in your car.
  8. I have an interesting question. Can we unlock the steering wheel without putting in the key? If yes, then how?
  9. May be the level of transmission fluid is very low. That leads to the roughness of engine.
  10. Also the hatchback cars dude. I mean they are not designedfor highways. They are city cars.
  11. If you can afford the maintenance cost of owning VW passat, then its a good car. I dont think there will be any issue with the car if you maintain it regularly. Just be aware of the cost of servicing and all.
  12. Talking about the radiator, you can open your engine and check for any kind of leak in the radiator. there are small plastic caps on the radiator, there may be a leak from there. If yes, it means your dealers are right and you need to get the radiator replaced. And in case of any replacement, you can get your car scanned at any local workshop as well tocheck any sever problem. If the warranty of your car is already expired, then you may take your car to the local dealer which will be way cheaper than your dealer.
  13. The power window is jammed in my 2011 model of Xterra. Oh trust me, this is really annoying especially when its summers.
  14. Hey peeps. Yesterday I was driving on Abu Dhabi highway, when I noticed that the steering is pulling to one side, and is not straight. I had to drive really carefully as the sand on the highway was a big task which was making the steering going to one side. Why is it happening? I mean I got the wheel alignment done few days back.
  15. what is the cost of replacing the window regulator with a new one Grand Cherokee 2012 model?
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