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  1. What is the most common complaint with automatic transmission?
  2. How to update the scan tool for reading the trouble code?
  3. The ignition switch in my Lancer, 2010 model does not turn whenever I insert the key. But why is it so?
  4. Winter tips: UAE is not really a country where you have to worry about the winters. You don't really realize a chilly weather here. But still it is considered to keep your car ready for every season. 1. When you know that winter is approaching, take care of the battery at a very first pace. The first thing that goes wrong in winners is the car battery. Always make sure that voltage is proper in the battery. 2. Second thing I can think of is the heater. If in case you are traveling with kids, your greater should work properly. 3. sometimes we experience too much fog early morning. Make sure your windshield wipers are working fine. 4. If your are traveling in the areas like fujairah, it's too cold over there. Make sure the air pressure in the tires is appropriate. 5. Always keep fire extinguisher spray in your car in case of any fire accident. I remember one time when on the peak height of fujairah, one car's tail light got on fire and some how I helped them in such a cold weather. That time I had an extinguisher to save them. I dropped then home in my car. And during that time, the driver told me that the heater in his car was also not working and he was traveling with his complete family. And it's very important to take care of other drivers as well and not only self. So always keep a first aid, extra woolen clothes like blanket or jackets if the weather suddenly starts changing. If in case you are planning a long trip, make sure your radio is working fine. Advantage is, if there is weather mishap or any severe accident on the way, at least you will be notified about the same and you can plan your journey add power that.
  5. How will i know if the engine crankshaft needs a refinishing?
  6. Hey people. Can anyone tell me how to choose the scan tool for the trouble codes in a car?
  7. What are airbag crash sensors? How do they work?
  8. As we know that there are lots of refrigerants which are illegal to put in the car system. But my question is, how do we identify the best refrigerant and that it’s legal.
  9. What are the most common clutch problems in a manual car and how can one avoid it?
  10. Bleeding of brakes didn't work dude!
  11. Yes it does. I will share my experience upon this. I bought Fortuner 3 years back. I was happy when I bought it. First of all, the oil maintenance anyways of this car is expensive if you compare it with Toyota cars. But is fine, I suppose. Few months back, I gave my car for the regular servicing. My mindset was to pay the regular amount that I generally pay for the servicing. Just the next day, the dealer calls me and tells me that there the oil in the engine was burning and that they have to change the oil. I said its fine! Not only that, then they mentioned that because the oil was burning the engine is overheated and the radiator of the car has been failed, so they have to replace the radiator. I thought the replacement will be under warranty, which by the way wasn’t and they took good money from me for this. I still took my car back and kept myself busy with my normal things. After few days, my wife took my car and the car suddenly went off. Shut down! The engine light was on. Somehow she managed to call the recovery people and took the car to the dealer. They call me and tell me that the water pump is damaged as the oil was leaking. That’s it! I got really angry! I mean how is it even possible? Sometimes the oil was burning, sometimes it’s leaking! I complaint directly to the Toyota executive person, and got my car services properly free of cost. They apologized to me and they told me that the oil burning seemed to be a common problem in Fortuner, and I was not the only customer saying that. So yes, oil burning is quite an issue in Fortuner. If you are planning to buy, make sure to ask the Toyota people about the current status on oil burning issue in this car.
  12. I am sure this must be really annoying. I think that’s the manufacturing fault, because it’s not possible that you lose oil from the engine and there is no warning light. Try talking to the senior manager of your dealer, and sort this thing out.
  13. Hey people. I have 350Z model from 2 years. I am experiencing a weird thing on my brakes. Whenever I am putting brakes, it pulls to only one side and taking time for braking. It scares me sometimes. Is it a common problem? And why is it happening?
  14. Hey guys. I have Cerato from 2 years. I had no complaints from my car unless one day when I lost control on the steering and the brakes went really soft. Somehow I managed to stop my car safely. This happens only sometimes. Not really sure what’s wrong. Sometimes its normal driving and sometimes I lose control. Why is this happening?
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