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  1. my murano is having again same problem now i even changed the cylinder. what should i do now
  2. u torrent there r manuals there for nissan sunny check there.
  3. i have used the contact for scrap yard and its a ocean of parts that are so cheap and original.
  4. toad wrote: > Do you mean, service manual. Haynes has it, but there is a price for it. > Search google with Haynes you might get somewhere free or on torrent. haynes is expensive.
  5. middle east is hot most of the time. i suggest that you use lighter shades or a light and dark. but you get RTA approval before that.
  6. the sensor makes sure that the air and fuel is mixed in correct ratio if the air is more then the fuel quality will decrease and if the air is less then the fuel will leave residue that will harm the car again and exhaust too.
  7. what happened in my car once is i had left the boot open a little so the car made horrible noise so it an be as silly as this.
  8. if there is a misfiring at one of the cylinder will they change that particular cylinder or will they change all of them ?
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