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  1. Thanks Kader for sharing this, very helpful as sometime we all over speed little here and there and looks like these cameras will bring an end to all those occasional speeding as well. Good and bad at the same time. Also read that in Abu Dhabi, cops are installing the camera to catch louder cars who rev engine at higher decibels, isn't that going too far.....?
  2. This seems really nice and awesome, any free entry or at least special rates for Carnity members...?
  3. As treks mentioned it's quite strange, I assume that some electrical or earthing wire may be loose and while touching the redline car vibrates too much at high speed and throw that battery Icon. Worth checking the all the engine wiring firmly, before taking a deeper dive. I experienced something similar that while side sloping on dune car use to flicker that light and on flat surface its fine because of loose connection somewhere.
  4. More than the car, I like the background where they have taken the pictures. This makes me like the car psychologically. Also I like the uptight rear that gives more sporty looks, front exterior could have been better.
  5. All you FJ-haters, take it easy guys. Few people irrational drive be it FJC or Nissan Patrol tailgating in Dubai is not new, we all know that. This does not qualify a capable car carry a bad-man badge. I have three friends enjoy their FJ since 2 years and I have never seen anyone misbehaving or abusing it. It's not the car, it's the people that are abusing it (if any). I am not belittling Xterra, all I meant to say is FJC is good and capable car for off-road and it's good to have healthy competition to bring the best out of both good off-road rides.
  6. Do you get check engine light or exhaust light in dash...? Ask those guys to give you same cat/dog/ explanation in writing and see their color changes. Then ask them to show you the warranty disclaimer that carries the exclusion for cat activities.....!
  7. Day trip to mussandum, khasab, khorfakkan, jebel hafeet can bring some variety to the above list by Taqir +1.
  8. This is something insanely expensive, as no one have ever thought of having 30k USD for tires, 30K USD for service and 20K USD for just oil change......Woaaahhhhhhh. In 20K USD you can get another new car man. Which Oil bugatti is using, from Mars or from jupiter......?
  9. Milo has done a good job in posting almost every possible scenario and his experience, really like reading these type of opinionated thread so that I learn something new: That in dubizzle unknown dealers are putting cars at low price to break the car market price....! WOW and Super Crap....! In general, how many of you car owners have the used cars in dubai?All the time used car, never bought a new yet and dont plan to.How many years old that car was when you bought it?Average 5 years, but I buy older than 10 years also if its clean and gonna be my second car that will be used less for shcool run or weekend drives only.For approx how many years you keep the used cars? I keep for average 3 years and then switch to another brand to taste more carshow do you make out which used car in uae is a good buy or a lemon?Service history, service history and service history. Everything else is a gray area (usually lies).How do you find out justified price of any used car?Search 5-6 similar cars from different online advertisement sites and you will get the average price.how to find out genuinely used cars for sale in uae and not from fake dealers?You will feel the love of car or the attitude, as dealers will talk only business language and personal deals will always have their personal story or condition to tell: Like carry strollers in trunk, having sunglasses in glove box, keep air freshener on the AC duct, having tissue box at passenger seat etc. you will have some sign of personal use in the real owner car deals.
  10. Very nice stuff, for most avid car users. Worth printing one and keeping in glove box. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Danny: You expressed your frustration and concern quite well, but most of those points are cultural and regional based. Like if someone is born and brought up with driving w/o indicators, then they won't change in driving school. I like your overall 10 points, very well thought and showing the real issues at hand.
  12. For sure 4 seconds is right and you got me curious too with that number. It's getting damn fast with new technology for engine performance and lowering the weight by 177 kg, wow. Clever Chevy boyz.
  13. That's a difficult one with cartonized images, I can only guess: Back to the future, Batman begins, Cars, Batman (old one), Jurassic Park, Star wars, Knight rider, Fast and furious, Transformers truck......phew.
  14. Nice car off course, but video making and suspense thrills adds to the whole show. Good job Porsche video agency. Well in 2012's rumors of using the Turbocharger in every single car is coming true now. This increases the fuel efficiency with small size of engine. Better for environment and when turbo engine fails in 5-7 years then customer buy another car. Good for car industry. I hope Porsche have done the better job in extending turbocharged engine life, as after all Porsche is the only company in the world that has maximum number of older cars in working condition till date. Im saying for 60-70-80 models.
  15. My average is 3 years + - few months. Btw, it's a good question with a poll to gauge general consensus.
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