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  1. This must be thin from quite some time, as it has life of 1-2 years easy (depending on your braking style). You must have notice coincidentally after the full wash as we dont slam brakes at high speed everyday. This thin brake disc is serious concern and you need to change it asap, however before you get it changed get second opinion as well. As in some case i noted that auto pro guys are big drama and suggest things which may be needed after 6 months as a super precaution to not to have a bad name for auto pro. These disc should cost under 500 dhs, better check with spare part shops listed in this forum under business listing section.
  2. To do compression test, you need to remove all spark plug wires. Then remove one spark plug and screw the compression tool by hand, you dont need to super tight it (whatever tight done by hand is enough). Once tool is screwed well in spark plug holder inside the engine then crank the car from ignition for 30 seconds. Reading should be around 100 psi. Do this exercise for all cylinders and see readings are pretty much close to each cylinder. Variance of 5-10% is acceptable, but more than that is a problem teller.
  3. really strange problem and we still dont know what the problem was. kumar can u tell us how this thing was resolved.
  4. My friend it depends on what design you like. Peugeot also have some rim options, have you see with them in their deira showroom spare parts section??? My favourite are Rays, Lenso, Dick Cepek.
  5. Check all the plugs, then fuel pump delivery is consistent. If not the engine head gasket is leaking and causing loss of power with excessive smoke too.
  6. See battery terminal is loose or corroded. Fix them first and see if it solves this issue.
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