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  1. I dont know about deira market, but i got one seat cover from satwa sometime late last year, it was something in between fabric and suede feel material (you know that mushy mushy feel fabric) and costed me 250 dirhams with 2 hours of installation. So if you got time pass by satwa main market and after the satwa big mosque and opposite to satwa clinic many shops sells these accessories like window tinting stuff, carpet, upholstery, seat covers etc. and they are fast.
  2. See if this wiring diagram can help you, got it off the net
  3. +1 You can get the clutch price here Concord Auto Spare Parts Contact Person: Sudhakaran Tel: 06 5395596 Mobile: 050 8463746 Fax: 06 5395597 PO Box: 35025 BMW Road, Sharjah
  4. First things first, check the car when idle (started but not running): is it overheating, if yes clearly something to do with Radiatior, Coolant, radiator fan and AC fan. If car is overheating while move, then first thing to check in ur case as you touched the gearbox: Check the gear oil cooler next to radiator is working. Then get the gear oil and filter installation inspected with trustworthy mechanic. If you have jerky gear transmission, check the oil you used is same spec as Peugeot recommends or different. Never use diff oil, better get oil and filter from Peugeot dealer and replace.
  5. Getting repaired is much better, call these guys in shj: Al hoorani, 065431766
  6. May be vacuum pipe has leak or else get the engine tune up. Assuming engine is well serviced and running good oil, spark plugs etc.
  7. Seen few on ebay costing used one from 60-100 usd. Not sure about new one, i guess above 800 - 1000 dhs easy.
  8. my sister owned one and raghav is right once the electrical problem starts it wont stop had to resell it in a year. good choice of not going for a 0kms car.
  9. I am not fan of dealer expensive repair. I suggest you a very small shop in shj named Al Fakha (behind bmw road, near industrial area etisalat and empost) and call guy name Ameen: 050 7373910. Let him check the car once and advise. He is very honest and straight forward AC technician, im using him since 4 years for all my cars quick fixes and repairs. To tell you honestly in AC setup, if AC gas is full then compressor supposed to kick off and no other way. But let proper experienced AC technician diagnose and advise.
  10. sometime it even depends on who is checking the car there are supervisors who are way to strict that they will not pass the car without the hazard triangle warning sign and some let go of the most crucial things. you cannot blame the companies for this.
  11. Well to me he sounds like a pro and educated Peugeot owner than mechanic owing a workshop. Correct me if i am wrong?
  12. The engine in which the combustion of a fuel occurs with an oxidizer in a combustion chamber is what is called Internal combustion engine.
  13. the guys who do the car tinting job do this they are lots of shops in satwa. aslo i found a video see if it helps http://youtu.be/FMF9UzYMscA
  14. I like two year used car only, so that its still reliable and comes with warranty and also saves 35% - 40% on actual car depreciation. That can be used for maintenance with agency for next two-three years easy.
  15. In my opinion it should not exceed 32 psi, as thats what is written on driver side door sill at bottom.
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