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  1. Check the small jet socket under the hood is fitted to hose properly or not. If not you need mechanic to diagnose.
  2. Get wheel Alignment done, its toe in and toe out issue.
  3. Use windex if it helps. if have scracthes you can use jewelers rogue and lot of elbow grease. If hazy hazy over time, then rub with rubbing compound for car polish and then scrub off with nice and tight hand.
  4. You got to access by removing bumper nd then grill where lock reside. Quite lengthy job. Never heard of breaking lever, very weird. Good luck mate.
  5. There are only 2 possible ways: Either you spielled while top up or a hose/pipe/cap leaking and spraying it out under pressure onto the ECU box. Very weird and never seen or heard one.
  6. what is the actual life of radiator, as my car is slightly overheating in traffic only. Some friend was suggesting radiator change, and some mechanic is saying something else. So i need a second opinion that in 4 years old vehicle with 78k kms is radiator change is recommended or it cud be something else wrong somewhere?
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