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  1. Its an autocop feature which automatically locks the door as soon as you start the car (after 5 -10 sec) for security reason. Its quite much necessary on European country due to safety issues and thats why RCZ is coming standard with such toys now. Speaking to swaidan guys if they can disable it.
  2. Better check the radiator both hoses by hand and see if they are very very hot and hard then that means your car is actually overheating and gauge is showing you the right readings. If not it could be bad water temp sensor, its cheap fix. If car actually overheating then check all the fans (Engine and AC fan) and then check the radiator isn't clogged, thermostat is open and closing at right temp, in last you can doubt water pump pressure is adequate to circulate water or not. If thermostat is bad then one of the radiator hose will be warm and soft and other will be damn hot, that means coolant is staying longer in engine jacket as thermostat isn't opening at right temperature.
  3. Relay must not be working and passing thru current directly and hence lights stays up all the same. Start with relay for interior light.
  4. hey i am having problems with my 406 recently as it keeps prompting me insufficient oil pressure which goes non-stop i have sent it for servicing got he engine oil changed and done almost everything and yet the message keeps on prompting please advice
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