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  1. i suggest just get it changed.
  2. when did you last get the brakes changed.
  3. If when parking the tire is getting compressed then this must be lowering the pressure.
  4. when the car is not exposed to too much sun and is cleaned regularly the life of wiper is increased also use good quality wipers for good longer life.
  5. i think that the dealer should take some responsibility.
  6. good post but just out of curiosity how do you know so much about cars do u own a workshop.
  7. For fixing scratch, you can visit ACE Hardware and get scratch out rubbing or paste whatver you like. I am not sure about dent fixing by yourself. Hope someone more experienced can help you here.
  8. If the ac is working and not the defrost then that part has to be fixed.
  9. Call Rizwan Ali Tel: +971 50 5350770 in car clinic, they are good and reasonable as compare to stealers oops dealers.
  10. Dont prick the washer hose...... Prick and clear washer jet holes on top of hood.
  11. Gear is always advisable to rebuild, that can be done in few thousand dhs depending on what all parts required for rebuild.
  12. You probably need to find out the custom and import duties in Germany first than the shipping cost. Shipping cost must be around 2500 USD but import and custom duty might be hefty, as in India its 200% on present value of car, to discourage people to drive imported cars.
  13. Not sure what u mean by gushing but do have a look at the radiator if the coolant level is correct.
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