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  1. Send a note to thread starter 207_gti, he seems to be very experience and techy in all weird Peugeot problems, hope he able to help you. I have read his other posts and replies, he is really good.
  2. when this happened once in my car the mechanic said its the alternator had to be replaced.
  3. Just wondering, if there is any external combustion engine too. Lol.
  4. Try in Sharjah used tire and wheel market after American university on Sahara center road. You might get lucky.
  5. Change the engine oil. warning sign can also means that it needs to be changed.
  6. It is so hilarious, that same day you are putting thread for buying peugeot and seek an advise whereas another member ranting about Peugeot cars and their service in Dubai......lolololol. Read it here: gen-disc/peugeot-t185.html I am not influencing your decision, make a calculative and educated decision. Good luck
  7. Sad to hear that, they are really a joker indeed. Sometime you got to laugh it out or else u cant live with this type of idiotness. Have patience bro, god will give you good car back. AMEN........lol. You might feel little better after knowing this little secret: "You are not alone"
  8. Try to change the gear oil and filter if its due or when in doubt. If still happens on shj BM road crossroad hoorani or toorani name shop builds all auto gears. See him. He is good at gears. Of course rebuilding is better than changing. Any day.
  9. Very creatively thought full form. No comment on actual relevancy level.
  10. If only speedometer failed and rest all dash numbers and light are working, then i have to doubt on Vehicle speed sensor. Its usually located in and around gearbox. If some lights and other reading has also stopped in dash then i would suspect the some fuse, relay or loos connection. good luck.
  11. Check the fuses and relay first, then loose connection around or behind the music system, then check the earthing.
  12. For sure you dont need to change the whole manifold as its very expensive. Instead go to BM road spare part guys and ask them for flap assembly in Intake manifold. They will get you the that small bit in which flap is already drilled and bolted. Your mechanic need to remove the whole manifold and replace that part. May be find some other (not lazy) mechanic to do this job.
  13. Full cluster failure is quite remote possibility. Check for some loose connection or relay or fuses, that might help.
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