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  1. Now its the door thats jammed i a so fed up with this door and lock problem please advise me what should i do? the dealer is saying that i have got into an accident and that i need paper from cops but there is no accident.
  2. Weak point in this car is alternator, as i changed twice in 5 year of ownership. Rest all check regularly like engine and gear condition must. If car was abused then gear shift will make jerks atleast from 1st to 2nd. Minor jerk in 1st to 2nd is accepatable but if its jolting then drop that car. Overall its a good car and low maint car if you drive easy and don't abuse much.
  3. Its should be under 1500 dirhams easy from less km driven car. You can check scrap yard on gmp round about. There are few european car scarp i have seen, but you got a search a bit with these snobbish scrappies.
  4. Very neat stuff. Impressed. You've become pro after this setup . Good work.
  5. Great job bro. very nice and educating read. cheers.
  6. Check if hand brake isnt too tight over time. if car was sitting from long time, check the brake drums isnt rusted and holding the car.
  7. At 90k kms, refer to owner manual or speak to swaidan guys for more clarity to be double sure.
  8. 3008 !!!!! must be in warranty. Let swaidan guys change the Auto door lock one which is not working. Dont sweat, rather make them sweat.
  9. It sounds like CKPS failing or fuel line has some issue. In either case its expensive to fix so better get the comp check first and read the code (if any). If not do the CKPS change first (Crank Position Sensor).
  10. 100 dhs for central locking device with remote + 100 dhs for all doors auto locks = 200 dhs. opp hyatt deira, plenty of shops do this job.
  11. Check all the fuses, it may be half burnt or blown already and son slight contact it get lit up. If still same then change the oil pressure sensor as its cheap and easy to fix next to oil filter. Its quiet common culprit. For hand brake light, i dont know and i hope someone else will help here for that.
  12. it wasnt as easy as u sounded. . but hey thanks a ton bro for point in right direction.
  13. when i came back from my vacation i found that the leaver to open the bonnet was broken now i want to knw how can i repair it as i cant open the bonnet now. thanks
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