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  1. VW offer better resale due to better reliability than Peugeot. Out of 308 and RCZ i suggest 308cc is better as proven and known engineering less prone to problems than newer engineering in RCZ. Peugeot is quite famous to learn as they go, so stay away from newer breed of car for at least 5 years until there stable version comes out. Just like Microsoft OS system.....!
  2. While getting timing chain, most imp thing that you should be checking/changing is timing belt pulley. It has similar age as timing belt and while at it, better to chain than opening again so many things. Rest i will leave for 207_gti, he sound more experience in engine and turbo troubleshooting.
  3. from all the answers i felt this is the only one that made sense thanks.
  4. you can got to sharjah take the emirates road and there are a lot of good garages. why dont you call the mechanic form the list of garages in this forum.
  5. what was repaired in the radiator and gear box is expensive so i guess you got lucky.
  6. if you find the new tire s to be very expensive then look around in used tire market.
  7. i agree. polishing and waxing is a part of car maintenance too and should not be ignored.
  8. who ever advised you this dose not know anything about car paint is not like water paint that will fade off that easily if that was the case the no one would ever polish their car ever.
  9. the only difference is the engine size 206 is 1.4 and 206cc is 2 ltr engine.
  10. see the fuel line is working correctly. there can be a malfunctioning somewhere that needs to be changed or fixed.
  11. when your wiper stops working you will have get it changed.
  12. RSA is any day very good the service and after service is excellent. pricing is good and so is the additional facility like round the service recovery is over the top.
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