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  1. Hi all. Been quite some time since my last post. For those that dont know, I've started up a performance business here in Dubai. As such, I'm going to build up the 207 for extra advertising purposes. Currently it's in for some bodywork and a new paint job. Have also purchased a facelift front bumper to complete the look i want. After this will come some aero, suspension and power mods. Will keep updating pics of the progress as it goes along. But, hopefully the bodywork and paint will be done early next week
  2. LukL wrote: > Hi! I'm sorry that my reply is so late, I work 2 jobs, so I don't have so > much time to hanging around. I bought an diagnostic tester ( diagun launch > X-431). And I was reading the codes in my Peugeot, suprisely the number of > diagnostic code wasn't shown it was only shown 2 faults, I didn't even read > it but just erased it. I'm almoust shure that this 2 faults was the same > like before. Then I went to the test drive on the highway. Suprisely the > car was running without any warning, until 160 km/h. Then again depullution > faulty. I check with the tester the fault and it was just 1 fault and again > no fault code only the desripton (Turbo charging pressure regulation Turbo > charging pressure too low). And important thing (i think) before all this > faults shown, i heard the specific voice from turbo I think the blow off > vent was making that noise, now this voice is gone. With this tester I can > do more tests when I'm driving the car. I can watch some sensors, torque, > rpm, pressure of oil, fuel etc. This should helps, maybe, to find the > problem. Just tell me what to check. > I'm also thinking that timing chain could be that part which make te basic > problem. If it is need to be replaced, should be replaced some other things > that are connected to the timinig chain? > > > My father have a body shop, and one of my job is work there, so I know the > things about cars, but we don't do the mechanic job. Maybe I could try to > fix this car by myself. From what you described, this sounds like a boost leak. First thing to check would be the diverter valve. that is the black thing on the turbo. remove it, and check inside. You will see a yellow rubber membrane; check to see if it has some small holes.
  3. juju wrote: > i had a breakdown in alain and faced same rude behavior from Peugeot Al Ain > guys when was that? There is a new guy there now, Mr Savio, who is very good. He's extremely polite and helpful
  4. They did an update on the timing issue, but it seems that the newer cars are still suffering from it. Engines produced in 2010, and also the Le Mans edition produced in 2009 also recieved the "colourless" valve spring update, in which stiffer valve springs were installed to eliminate valve float at the higher rev-range. Oddly enough, cars which have been modified seem to have far less problems than those which are kept standard. My car is sitting on 228hp at the moment (250hp previously), and I havent had a single timing, turbo, or boost control valve problem for the last 80,000 kms. It's very strange, it seems that when the components have to "work a little harder", they seem to last a lot longer
  5. I strongly suggest that you invest in some quality products for paint protection. Below is a list of products I use. Meguiar's gold class wash Meguiar's clay bar kit Meguiar's ultimate compound Meguiar's swirl x Meguiar's scratch x 2.0 Meguiar's supreme shine protectant Meguiar's mist&wipe quick detailer Meguiar's cleaner wax Sonax polish & wax color nano pro Sonax xtreme wheel cleaner full effect Meguiar's endurance tire spray Zap synthetic chamois Terry cloth towels Terry cloth wash mitt Demon shine Dual action polisher A good clean and wax job could easily take you about 6 hours to do, but if you love your car like a true enthusiast, the paint will last for a very long time to come Here are a few pics of my car after a full 6 hour detail, which included restoring the headlights and all black trim. The paint still looks just as good as the day I bought the car. Keep in mind that modern cars that have single colour paint (i.e white, red, black, blue etc...any paint which is NOT metallic) does not have a clear coat of paint over the base colour coat. So in these pics, what you see is just the base paint shining, no clear coat
  6. I wash my car at least once a week, and completely polish and claybar the car every 2 months. Polishing the paintwork will protect it from the UAE's harsh climate. I actually had a sticker on my car since the day I picked it up from the dealership. 18 months after I pulled the sticker off, and there was absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between the colour of the paint that was underneath the sticker. So, polishing helps a massive amount to protect the paint
  7. Here's a tool that will help owners with their cars and could save you multiple trips to the dealership. I use this tool nearly every day, especially since my car is modified, just to keep an eye on everything and make sure all the components are working as they should be. It's extremely easy to use. It has been developed by E-tuners, the world's leading tuning specialists for the 207 RC/GT/THP. From the website: What is Lionheart; Lionheart is a free diagnostic tool for THP engines. It is developed by Etuners. It started as a tuner's tool to help with ECU remaps and tuning THP engines. Models covered Peugeot 207 GT 1.6T (150) Peugeot 207 Rallye 1.6T (150/156) Peugeot 207 RC 1.6T Peugeot 207 THP (150/156/175) Peugeot 207 GTI (175) Peugeot 308 THP (150) Peugeot 308 GT (175) Citroen DS3 1.6T (156) Citroen DS3 Racing 1.6T (205) Citroen C4 VTS 1.6T Models not covered because of newer diagnostic protocols: Citroen C5 1.6T (Euro5) Peugeot 308 1.6T (Euro5) Peugeot 3008 (Euro5) Peugeot RCZ About this version Lionheart version 0.7.3 beta is the most stable version created to the day. It is still beta, which means there are many things missing. But everything serious seems to work properly. New features Upgraded fault code database Improved fault code detection system (Lionheart will read all fault codes without problems) Better UI behaviour. Windows remember their position when you quit the application Graphical representation for Injection duration Automatic detection for ELM327 cable - automatic connection Known issues Bluetooth ELM327 are not supported Older ELM327 working at 9600bps are not supported Win7 and Win Vista have issues with UI's colours, causing big black areas with no information. 0-100km/hour time measuring feature is not functional yet The most important feature of this tool is that you can monitor the "knock correction". Knock is an engine's greatest enemy, and is what causes broken pistons and conrods. By being able to keep an eye on this, you will be able to detect a problem before it leads to expensive engine repairs. In order to use this software, you will need an ELM-327 OBD-II cable. You can buy this online from uae.souq.com for about AED200 Download Lionheart at: http://www.etuners.gr/en/index.php?s=12&t=356
  8. I got your email; but not sure if you received my reply. Umm, I will need to know what the exact fault code is in order to help you better. Fueling and turbo pressure issues can often be related to the timing of the engine. Usually a good indicator that the timing has slipped is by looking at the Long Term Fuel Trims. In order to check this out, you will need an ELM 327 OBD-II cable and EasyOBD software (the software is free). But let me know what the exact fault codes are and I'll see if I can further help you
  9. first make sure that is indeed the cat converter that needs replacing
  10. what exactly are the problems? perhaps I can help
  11. agreed with the above post. another thing is that it will put extra strain on the handbrake cable
  12. A steam engine would be an example of an external combustion engine
  13. any modern car, truck, bus, or motorbike engine has an internal combustion engine. simply put, its an engine where the explosion (combustion) of fuel happens INSIDE (internal) the engine
  14. Yup, I'm just an owner. I've had my fair share of trouble with the car, and only from that trouble could I gain experience. With that experience I was able to find out by experimenting and talking to some very knowledgeable people about how to fix issues, and what can be done to prevent those issues form happening again. So far, my car is producing 40% more power than standard; i'm still using the standard turbo and engine, and yet it has been absolutely trouble free for the last 60000kms proper care, maintenance, and a thorough understanding of how a car works will ensure that a car runs smoothly
  15. worst experience is with the al ain peugeot workshop. the service manager is extremely rude and arrogant. absolutely no people skills whatsoever. he would constantly interrupt the customer when he/she is trying to explain something, and would only listen when you raise your voice and directly tell him to keep quiet and listen, or he just flat out ignores the person. they dont do all the necessary service checks, they dont put a new sticker on the window to show when the next service is due, and they dont stamp the service booklet. i wouldnt recommend the workshop to anyone. i now take my car from al ain to the dubai SZR workshop. yes it is an inconvenience, but dealing with the al ain workshop is too frustrating
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