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  1. What are the types of electric cooling fan replays?
  2. Accent sounds good to me. I have driven this car before as well and I really likes the performance. I hope its good for women drivers too.
  3. As we know that Teen driving in Dubai are increasing. I want everyone to discuss some tips on teen driving.
  4. Can anyone tell me what not to use while tightening or loosening the lug nuts? I want to change the tire of my Honda Jazz
  5. Even i faced such an issue before. When i got it checked, the charging system had done trouble. The battery went low because of it. May be it's the same thing in your car. May be you can check the battery of your car if it's charged or not.
  6. can anyone please give me exact information on Toyota Corolla. I heard the transmission problem in Corolla is really common. Is it so? Please help me with it. If it so, may be i will not buy this car. Please tell me if Corolla onwers faced such an issue in this car. Because of it was a small issue, i may have considered this car, but if there is a transmission problem, then may be i will not go for this car.
  7. .Hey people. I want to buy a Hyundai sedan segment car. I never owned a hyundai car, so not really sure with this brand. Those who have good knowledge about Jyundai brand, please suggest me with something really good. Its for my wife.
  8. What are the most common vehicles with cooling fan problems in their system?
  9. Please help me with the AC. My AC is not blowing cool air, only warm air. Why?
  10. hey. It really works man! I am supe impressed. Finally i can get it rid of the small dents on my car.
  11. There are many reasons why the car battery runs down. Some are natural with time and some reasons are because of the carelessness of drivers. Lights are on: Well, the most common mistake we do is leaving the car lights on. Whether it is headlight or taillight, leaving the lights on even when one has already parked the car, battery runs down very quickly. Since all the lights in the car takes a voltage from the battery, so it’s important to switch off all the lights when you leave the car. Charging problem: When the charging system of the car stops working, there is no source provided to the battery to recharge it on its own and thus it starts running down. In such a case, one needs to get the charging system of the car checked. Electrical drain: Sometimes when there the relay of the car is sticking, or some diode shortage in the alternator, the electrical drain from the battery is very common. It also happens when the module doesn’t shut down. It affects the battery badly resulting into no charge in the battery. Too old: If you think that battery is a lifetime thing in the car, then you are wrong. One needs to replace the battery if it’s too old. When you are using a battery for more than 5 years, it tends to lose the ability to hold the charging system and thus it runs down. This is a natural thing. Every battery tends to die someday. These are the most common reasons why battery runs down. So when you give your car for regular servicing, make sure that the battery is also working fine. Since UAE weather is hot, there are very less chances that the battery will run down because of cold, it’s of no time discussing that.
  12. There is a master cylinder in the car system which helps in functioning the car brakes. The work sticky master cylinder is used when the master cylinder is preventing the function of brakes. When the brake lights are ON on the dash, and the master cylinder is sticky it means that the brakes are not returning to the static place and will be engaged in the braking and the brake pedal will be at lower position. The master cylinder works on a mechanism of hydraulic platform which helps in pushing the brake fluid whenever the driver presses the brake. You can actually judge when the master cylinder gets sticky by following symptoms: Brake pedal still in pressing position: Sometimes people just press the brakes without any reason when they are not driving. That disturbed the mechanism of master cylinder and the brakes get stuck in the motion hydraulically and they stay pressed only. This causes master cylinder to get sticky. Brake light: if the brake light is on, it means the brakes are always functioning and never resting. Even if you release the brake pedal, the work of brakes is still on which affects the mechanism of master cylinder resulting it to be sticky. Brakes are stick: When you release the brake pedal, the pedal doesn’t come back to the same position. In this situation, the master cylinder is still functioning and the brakes are still activated. When this happens, it results into sticky master cylinder. Sticky master cylinder is not a good thing. But you can get it fixed from an expert or by your dealer. To avoid any such problem, try not to press the brakes when not required. Change the brake fluid, brake pads and brake lines whenever required. And if you think that you are facing such an issue, it’s better for you to take your car to a workshop and get is diagnosed completely to avoid any accident on the road.
  13. Thanks brother. You were right. The brake plate which absorbs the whiny noises of the brake was damaged. I took my car to the workshop yesterday evening, and they replaced the same. Thanks Man. Appreciated!
  14. What are the types of coolant sensors in a car?
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