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  1. Your critique of Peugeot service seems constructive. Any success in your objective so far? Have you got any positive feedback or response from Peugeot to date? As for me, I got first Peugeot in 2003 but kept for only 3 years with 110 km, when a friend got hit by an emergency truck while driving the 206. Nobody injured but car deemed totaled by the insurer. So in 2006 got second Peugeot, again 206, now with 250K km to date and still ticking. I just got my third, a 207. Why Peugeot--I like the exterior design, affordability and driver comfort, and I prefer to stick with something I know and have had a reasonably good experience with. About me--11 years now in UAE, consider Dubai my home of choice, originally from US, an educator by profession.
  2. It's 1.6L VVT-4 Cylinders, 120 BHP-Torque (NM): 160 @ 6000 RPM. I don't really know what all these things mean as I'm not really a car person. Can I ask you about the automatic gear. It seems there is some kind of manual option. Is this really like manual and is it worth using?
  3. I've noticed 207_GTI commenting about the worthiness of Peugeot cars but also about the problems with after sales service. I have to agree with the first conclusion. I'm on my 3rd Peugeot (previously 206-2003 and 206-2006) and making the purchase has always been a happy experience. I have a favorite dealer in the Deira showroom who I've dealt with each time who I get excellent guidance from and who I can trust 100%. On my second purchase in 2006, for example, he found a leak of some sort on the floor of the showroom from the vehicle I had chosen . It was already after my purchase was complete but he went and had the car completely checked and the problem identified. Although it was a relatively minor issue he recommended I take another car of the same model and immediately arranged that. After sales service, however, has often been frustrating. So far, I have only first impressions to offer on the 207 Active I got, a 2011 model. Compared to my previous 206 it has got great added space in the cabin front, seats are more comfortable--love the adjustable steering--and the steering and ride of the car is just amazing. It feels extremely solid, well-balanced, tight and maneuvers very well. I feel content with a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty, even though there is no free servicing. It seems to be a very well built and designed car for its price point. That said, my 2006-206 manual (which I still have) is still a good sturdy drive and I can see both cars are quite good and sturdy in their own ways. While only 5 1/2 years old now, my 206 has 250,000 km on it and for about 2 years running I had completely neglected servicing or care on it and practically drove it to the ground. It got some gear damage but I've had that repaired and other fixes here and there (at a Ras Al Khor worksohop) and it is running now as nicely and strongly as ever. So, I am of a strong mind that Peugeots are good cars. Great to drive and own, even if after sales service is spotty.
  4. This comment will get linked to the 207 thread... So, I didn't go for the RCZ after all. When I walked into the showroom, the dealer, who knows me from previous purchases, introduced me to a 2011 207 model (new) at a reduced price, so I went for it. It was my practical mind over-riding my emotional mind which was so tempted by the unaffordable RCZ. Luckily my trusted dealer steered me the right way. Now to comment on my 207 purchase in that thread...
  5. Thanks 207_gti for what looks like a well-considered answer. I'm afraid I'm not very technically versed, so I'm not sure what it all means. But I take it that there may be issues related to the excessive heat which can reduce performance. Are the things you pointed out likely to be picked up by the maintenance guys or are they likely to be missed, leading to further problems? I presently own a Peugeot 206 manual (2006 model) and have not been particularly happy with servicing at the SZR workshop. I've had better experiences at Rashidiya and I felt there was even better personal attention given in RAK, but not sure if mechanics in RAK would do as well with something like the RCZ. This leads me to my second question--would you say that better maintenance is to be had at any one service center as opposed to another?
  6. I'd love to hear comments, good or bad for owners of this car. Has your time with the car been largely problem-free?
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