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  1. Another reason that causes idle surging is bad head gasket as well. That is something serious because it needs complete replacement.
  2. hey guys. I want to share my experience with Sharjah traffic rules. Trsut me or not, sharjah police is really strict with the traffic. Even if you park your car for a minute without ticket in the car, your car got a fine before you knwo it. This has happened to me a lot fo times. So guys, beware of the traffic police in sharjah, specially when you are trying to search a parking in sharjah. They will never listen to you whether you parked your car without ticket for 5 seconds or for 5 hours. They will fine you for sure. Be aware Guys!
  3. How do we know whether one needs to flush the A/C condensers and when to replace it completely?
  4. Well, i suppose no one else could have explained it better than a woman itself. Thanks jeanie for sharing your first post with us.
  5. Hot weather diving can be really tough sometimes, especially when it’s 50 degrees outside. Well when it comes to summer driving, there are two divisions: One is maintain your car and second is maintaining yourself. Preparing your car: It’s very crucial to prepare your car for the summer driving. Keep the following things in minds: Car Battery: Make sure that your car battery is working and charging properly. Sometimes because of too much heat, the battery becomes really hot and tends to lose all the charge and sometimes is unable to hold the charge. Tint: Make sure that your car windows are tinted at least to the minimum requirement. The transparent windows in summer can burn you sometimes because of the direct sunlight. Coolant: the most important thing in summer is AC in the car. So always maintain the coolant level in your car. Also, avoid AC condensation by vacuuming it regularly. Because if the AC stops working, only God knows how one can drive in summer. Covering your car: When you are going to work, cover the front and rear view window with the shade so that the interiors of the car is not affected by the sunlight. If you are going somewhere out for a vacation or something, cover your car with the car cover to avoid direct sunlight to the car. Cool freshener: When you are going back to work or home, you can feel the smell of heat in your car. So have a coolant freshener in the car that will help your car in cooling and will also give you good smell. Park in shade: Because the temperature is really high out there, so try to park your car in shade always. The direct sunlight also affects the color of your car. Sometimes it fades. So ignore such things and park in the shade.
  6. To replace the proportioning valve, park yur car on the level ground. You need to raise the front platform of your car. Do it unsing the jak and make sure to lock the jack so thatthere is not accident because of the slip of the jack. After ajusting the jack and the stand, locate the propotioning valve under the car. During the replacement of your valve, you can clean the surface also as you may not do it on regular basis. Check if there is any leak from the proportioning valve.Remove the wiring harness and push the valve from the car and disconnect it. You also have to unscrew all the bolts from the valve. Take your new valve, and connect it the same way to disconnected the old valve. But make sure, the new valve is as per specified in the manual of your car. Connect the harness back and screw the bolts. To ensure if the valve is working fine, bleeding the brakes will help.
  7. Hey thanks for sharing. It was really helpful.
  8. Hey guys. Today i want to share a new study done in a University which says that texting and walking is more dangerous than texting while driving. And somewhere I agree with the same as if one is driving and texting, at least the driver looks up to the road for a second. But pedestrians who are walking and texting never get their attention diverted from their phone as they think that the cars will automatically stop seeing a person crossing the road. Just wanted to share this study with you guys in order to be aware of the pedestrians who has a cell phone in their hand.
  9. I am sure many people must be facing troubles driving at night, sometimes which also leads to a serious accident. So i would like everyone to discuss few things that one needs to take care of in their cars before entering into their car at night time.
  10. Any kind of leaking is bad of the car. Leaking generally is a result of low coolant of low oil level. And parts which are involved in the leaking are generally not fixable, One needs to replace them all in order to avoid any sever problem. With the coolant hoses, it creates internal leaking sometimes. To avoid that, replacement is the best option.
  11. I am hearing about this for the first time. Can anyone explain more about the same. Thanks
  12. Hey Everyone I have 3008 Crossover from past 1 year. Recently i noticed that the head gasket of my car is leaking. Can anyone tell me if i can fix the leaking on my own or not? If yes, then how?! Thank you
  13. Hey everyone Does anyone of you know how to fix the leaky radiator? Is it possible to do it ourselves or do we need to go to an expert for the same Thank you
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