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  1. Compare: Honda CR-V Vs Toyota Highlander
  2. There are many accidents happening in Dubai. Of course the main reason being distraction. But my question is What things distract while driving? Please discuss.
  3. The tires in my car are wobbling too much. What to do?
  4. There is suppose to be an air/fuel ratio to be balnaced in the engine system. To check the percentage of the ratio if it is balanced or not is done by the engine computerm and that adjustment is known as Fuel trim.
  5. Hey guys. I have blown fuse in my Audi A4. Can anyone tell me how to fix the blown fuse?
  6. Hey guys. I hope everyone is doing well. The weather of UAE is changing, so that’s a good thing. I just had one question related to tires. When is the tire rotation required in a car and how to do it?
  7. What do you mean by OBD codes?
  8. Hey people. I have an interesting question. Is it possible to flush out the brake fluid? Please suggest how to do it.
  9. Your seat belt is stuck. You need to push the latch in order to release the tension from there. But it’s not the permanent solution. You need to take your car to the workshop so that they can fix the seat belt permanently.
  10. Is it possible to increase the horsepower of the car?
  11. there is always a reason for car not starting. check the easiest and most common problem. starter. if that is in good condition then let me know we can then go to step 2 i hope its the starter as replacing it is cheapest. All the best
  12. Do you have full service history? And appreciate some pictures here, if you gave please.
  13. the injectors are last to fail, if you have hesitation in acceleration or missing while idling then the fuel pump or fuel pump O ring has to be checked/ changed. Injectors are only responsible for spraying out the fuel and no big technology other than spray jet. They may get clogged in the period of time but can be cleaned using injector cleaner for 75 dhs from emarat or eppco
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