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  1. What are motor mounts in a car?
  2. what do you think is better: Rear wheel drive or front wheel drive?
  3. Just to add up, Nokia lumia phones provide offline GPS printable in the phone already. Even that works with the satellite, so you don't even need to download any app also.
  4. How much is the fine for driving while talking on phone?
  5. I personnaly like Kia Cadenza. The exterior and the interior of the car is really good and suits ladies too!
  6. Please tell me what's the main important thing when it comes to engine maintenance?
  7. I recently got my car checked from my friend who runs his own garage and he informed that my mercedes is having trouble in catalytic converter. What he informed me that the harmful gases are not able to emit outside the vehicle. Is unable to understand this concept. can anyone help me with this?
  8. Can anyone tell me how the oxygen sensor works does?
  9. Not really sure. My car is runnign really fine and smooth without any engine noise!
  10. There is no charge in the AC compressor of my 207cc. I mean its really hot out there, please help me how to fix this!
  11. That’s really bad. I think you can claim against them for such a mistake. It’s not right. Changing some parts in your car which is absolutely fine is really wrong. Fight for it!
  12. Well I don’t know. I somewhere think the waxing the car is something really money wastage. Why do you need car waxing? Whenever you give your car for servicing, they do the waxing on their own. Just give your car for regular servicing and you don’t have to spend extra just to wax your car.
  13. I suppose it’s near to 24 or 25 AVG MPG.
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