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  1. i had a breakdown in alain and faced same rude behavior from Peugeot Al Ain guys
  2. and when the car is taken to change the recalled part they give an excuse that its not valid anymore.
  3. how much do brand new tires cost i have to buy 2 rear ones.
  4. mrright wrote: > u should see the cars in india then you will actually know what dents are. hahahahh the cars get so shapeless and there is no point getting them fixed as they will be the same in a week.
  5. it would be nice to hear what you did yo fix the pressure problem.
  6. yeah in rashidya but dont know any particularly for Peugeot cars.
  7. using a repaired tire should be temp. solution not a permanent one so i suggest get it changed asap.
  8. the old peugeot were good no doubt but now the designs of all new peugeot's are beautiful
  9. its a very simple process just take your front tires and switch them with the back tires. its better to switch them from passenger side to driver side crisscross.
  10. RSA is personally used AXA is good too but i have no experience. well both are good
  11. http://youtu.be/qhgbHmPJ-Ew here got it from youtube.
  12. have you found a solution the problem?
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