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  1. Then its not a big deal. It’s basically static shock which generates when the eletrons from your clothes pass to the door. It’s a bit tricky science but very common. You have nothing to worry about.
  2. Where are you realizing the electric shock exactly?
  3. What is a distributor rotor in a car?
  4. I remember when i was a teenager and ask i use to do was driving roughly on the road, always loud music, disrobing girls sometimes. It was ask fun for me. But now when i am married and have kids, i found all these things to be very disturbing. So my tip for teenage drivers us to slow down and divert your moves into summering which is more useful.
  5. Well my wife drives this car and it's good to drive that. So i would rate 8 on 10
  6. No problem dude! I hope your car is working fine now.
  7. I faced the similar situation before. When I took my car to the workshop, they reported that trans axle universal joint was failed. May it’s the same case for you.
  8. Thanks friends. I am sure this will be really helpful for everyone.
  9. Well car accidents are really common these days. I won't talk about the accidents but would like everyone to discuss done mechanical issues that can lead to accident. Please discuss some mechanical things that one should always take care of before going on for a long trip or journey in order to avoid any severe accident.
  10. Hey peeps. Is it possible to find a vacuum leak in Aveo? If yes, how?
  11. If there is an issue with the coolant sensor, how will it affect the engine system in a car?
  12. Can you tell me the methods how i can check the leak in the hoses?
  13. I think the refrigerant is leaking in my car. But where to check for the refrigerant leak? Can anyone tell me!
  14. Is it possible to replace a manual transmission from kia Optima, 2009 model? And how!
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