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  1. Making an appt is the right thing to do. Plus its important as well otherwise you car might be going downhill.
  2. hey good job learning new things for your car. the process is simple for a 307 .. i have a 307 too and i dont know if other peugeots have dipsticks or not but this is how i check the oil in the gearbox ... or have it checked basically. - Park the car on a flat surface. - Raise the car with a jack or something. you just need to access the gearbox level plug. - Place a pan under the gearbox level plug so that you can catch the oil. - Start the car and wait for it to go idle - Hold the drain plug in place with a combo-wrench and remove the level plug with another combo-wrench - The flow of the oil till tell you how much oil is present in the gearbox... if it flows and then drip towards the end then the gearbox has enough oil. If there is little flow and starts to drip quickly or no oil comes out then you need to fill it up. - Reconnect the level plug and turn the engine off .. open the bonnet, remove the air filter, DC the battery and remove the battery tray, locate the filler plug on the top of the gearbox, remove it after loosening it, insert a nozzle and add 0.5 lt of the fluid. Reattach the plug and repeat everything to insert things in again. - Remember to connect the battery again.
  3. As already stated .. It could simply be a wiring issue as well. Tell them to check the engine wiring loom and the connectors. Look out for any loose contacts, any water ingress or dampness within the wiring.
  4. @ jasim Even though they stopped assembling new ones in 2010 I am considering buying a well-maintained peugeot 206, especially because my daughter really likes it. Just wanted to know if this is a common problem.
  5. My 2007 model 206 is vibrating little bit sometimes, especially while braking. Its not huge vibration but still getting concern so asking here as we have some local dubai forum for peugeot car owners. Cool to have such thing. Hope someone more experience can help me here. Love u all.
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