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  1. If all mechanic is saying same, that only clutch plate is damage then only get the clutch plate change and no need to change or rebuild the transmission. About parts check the business listing section of this forum has few parts shop listed.
  2. New cars is always fun to drive. But i wouldn't spend so much on new RCZ which has too many electronics, new engineering and backed with Peugeot notorious badge. If it was proven and successful car then its worth spending that much. Like you said you didn't find any info means that there are not many RCZ owners. Spend money on known, successful and reliable car. My two cents.
  3. I agree, show to proper AC technician than all round mechanic to get right advise than blowing thousands here and there on guess work.
  4. Lion is the king of jungle, hence all countries want to be the king of the world....lololol. My educated, two cents.
  5. I totally don't have a clue on how to do it either but I did search the internet and got this. http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/how-to/maintenance/1272506
  6. I have the same thought as you do but there are times when I would buy used parts especially if it is still in good condition. I mostly buy accessories and not those things that are essential for my car.
  7. Did you know that the lion in the Puegot logo represents the lion emblem of the city of Belfort?
  8. I go for used one to save money and new one if I have the money. What I really like about new ones is the warranty, you get to bother the service crew every time there's a problem.
  9. Have you also checked if there are any fuel leakages? It is possible that that could be what is causing your 407 to slowdown.
  10. For some reason the malfunction display is very very dim and I can't really tell what it indicates anymore. This is really just the first time I have noticed it but now that I have I can't just ignore it. Anyone has an idea how to do this?
  11. Occasional repainting would also help your car avoid having the cracks spread. It is very important that you keep your car clean all the time to prevent the elements in eating your car. I mean, if your car is always dirty (I am not saying that it is.), it will always be prone to rust and other problems.
  12. You can try the dent shop called dent-masters. They charge you somewhere around 400 I think.
  13. The engine warning sign is there to let you know there is something wrong. It may not be something serious but you might still want to check rather having to spend a lot of money trying to fix your car when you could have prevented it.
  14. Have you checked if the cause were the bushings? It can also be caused by the breaks or the calipers. I would start from those and then get back to us if it did not resolve the issue.
  15. Did you do any adjustments in the steering gear or linkages? If you didn't you might want to check the steering gearbox and pump. It is possible that you steering is switching to manual because the power steering is failing.
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