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  1. not very expensive they were for 25 each original ones.
  2. Motor of the window seems not working properly. get it checked.
  3. dont know about that but if you have your own separate question posted you can get an answer.
  4. anton wrote: > > > from all the answers i felt this is the only one that made sense thanks. i agree this is the best answer.
  5. It's not like in USA or uk they recalls are published so openly. So don't have high hopes. There may be recalls published In tiny fonts somewhere in news papers.
  6. What is the life of wiper blades and when do i know that its time for a change. my friend who owns a Volkswagen POLO 2009 got his car wiper changed for more the 5 times where as My Peugeot RCZ is a year old and i still havent found any difference in them?
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