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  1. Guy's who make accident should remove their cars immediately to the hard shoulder and not make a scene in the middle of a road until Police arrives. I have seen this idiotic act million of times that causes km's of traffic and guys checking his Facebook while waiting inside the car. I remember very nice campaign that Dubai Police has run few years back saying: DON'T MAKE YOUR ACCIDENT DELAY OTHER'S
  2. Thanks Amid and Farook, there was no indication on dash I have seen when car died. I told mechanic to find out what's going on and went there last night as well but he seems to be busy with two cars open prior to my car so I got to wait for a while. I definitely ask him to do the compression test if he suspect engine head gasket has developed any leak. After reading your comment here, I have done bit of research and it seems head gasket majorly fails due to overheat (correct me if I am wrong), but in my case there was no indication of overheat or smoke from the engine bay when car died. It's quite puzzling and contradicting the facts vs theory.....!
  3. Today morning my beloved (RIP) Peugeot 207, 2008 model with 162,200 Kms died on SZR with a white smoke. I recently got this car and was thinking of having quick run pass by al quoz over this weekend to get thorough check or service and I think she suspect my intention and died before hand. As a first matter of emergency repair, I didn't see the engine temperature rising / AC cut off that means it didnt died coz of overheating (I'm assuming). Secondly dying process was bit slow (not instant), first I had loss of power and then struggle in throttle and then white smoke and then complete dead. I tried restarting her but it didn't help. Put on recovery and send to alquoz shop my friend knows experience in Peugeot and waiting for them to start working on the car as due to Ramadan timing they are overloaded. Appreciate any idea or advise as I am thinking of visiting tonight and explore it more on as-is condition to diagnose the proper cause of this failure. Thanks guys for your help.
  4. Generally, there are three: Normal open, normal closed and duel relay
  5. Thanks for this. I think i got it!
  6. I want to buy new tires for my Altima. What should I keep in mind?
  7. How will I know if the belt tensioner is gone bad?
  8. Engine flushing is when there is abnormal sludge deposited on your engine, the process of flushing it out. If you are irregular with the oil change in your car, then may be you need engine flushing. But if you are always regular with the oil change, engine flushing is not required.
  9. How come Misassembly be the reason for engine failure in a car? Please someone explain.
  10. Hey people. Can anyone tell me how to read the codes on the tires?
  11. What does it mean by flywheel surfacing?
  12. True! Cleaning the air box actually has a big impact on the mileage of the car. To service the air box, you need to unplug the air filter from the box. Pull out the old air filter and clean it properly. Best thing is to replace it, if you think it’s too dirty or damaged. Clean the air box and the intake system as well to ensure that the complete box along with the filter is clean. I would suggest you to repeat this process may be every 3 months. This really helps in maintaining your car as well as the mileage.
  13. I got this trouble code in my car: P0423. Does anyone know this code?
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