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  1. I really doubt that radiator can be welded or advised to be welded ever. That must be original seam of radiator that looks like welded, unless you are 100% sure its welded (then surely replace the radiator). Another possibility is some hose behind the radiator is leaking and coolant drips to the base of radiator and drops from the center make you think that its leaking radiator. Make sure before signing for expensive repair get second opinion. If you really have to then call these two spare parts shop in sharjah and get the price of radiator: http://www.peugeotdubai.com/spare-part/shekarian-auto-parts-dubai-t291.html http://www.peugeotdubai.com/spare-part/concord-auto-spare-parts-sharjah-t292.html Ask them if they know any good place around there shops who can install that. Replacing radiator doesn't need hi-tech mechanic, in Sharjah you can get it done for 100 (2-3 hrs) and in Dubai for 200 dhs easy. Also check with spare part guys, if they can deliver the radiator so that you can get it fix in Dubai and save trip to sharjah with leaking car. If put together you don't save 40-50% then its not worth the hassle and give car to Swaidan. That's what i would do, if i am in your place.
  2. Well any coolant CAN be very dangerous (though, not always). First you need to figure out by yourself or your mechanic needs to check from where it is leaking? If its leaking hose its very easy, quick and low cost job to fix it by changing the leaking hose. If its coolant bottle itself is leaking then also its quick, easy and slightly moderate cost job to change the bottle. If coolant is leaking from radiator, then you are stuck with big and expensive fix to dismantle the whole radiator and get it changed (quite expensive). For car older than 5 years there is high chances that radiator might give up, but if your car is less than 5 years and under 100k kms driven then it could be some hose or coolant bottle must be leaking. When i know the job, i go to any random mechanic (not expensive showbiz garage) and get that done in Al quoz, Rashidiya or if job is long enough then i prefer sharjah industrial area shops for lower labor cost. Choice is yours. Tell me, which year model your car is and how many kms is it driven? Where have you been maintaining your car periodic services? Can you figure out from where exactly is leaking? If yes then take pictures and post here may be i can help you further.
  3. there are a lot of wiring involved so i dont think you should try anything. let a good mechanic look into it.
  4. if you change the wipers after every summers its good.
  5. how did you find out that its damaged.
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