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  1. this add runing on the right Ugett try there maybe u get lucky.
  2. i got it done from Ajman there are a lots of places they do the work. Also check in Rashiday and Al aveer.
  3. Dose your car have elevating settings it could be that its fixed in low position.
  4. i wish to know the same i am wanting to know the fuel efficiency too
  5. did you get the servicing done with them. what did they change and what were the charges. can you please share this info?
  6. Wow techy u are torrent champ man. Good one. Though i dont need it, but curious to know the price tag if you may post here or pm please???
  7. Go for nothing but RSA or AXA, fantastic insurance company with all the great features available like replacement car, agency repairs etc. And no fuss dealing with them.
  8. Check the bulb it must be fuse or some loose wiring hanging.
  9. Porsche is expensive to maintain as compare to other cars. And cayman and boxter is slightly more expensive than cayene. However there are good porsche experts in town that you can visit and see which you like in terms of price and workmanship. Buying from automall is not a good idea if you have time in hand, then i suggest buying from real owners who has fsh with al nabooda. Automall cost 10-20% more than secondary market.
  10. Missing, intermittent starting tantrums, hesitation on high speed.
  11. for sure there are a lot of cars that are getting imported from oman make sure u get you insurance as well that is short term for 2 weeks or so.
  12. Ever done a bled your clutch before? It is the same, except it's by your tire remove the tires first.
  13. get the new speakers un screw the old one and remove the wires join the wire the with the new speakers and screw it back.
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